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WHY?? another broken heart...i just dont get!!!


11 Jun, 2010 02:14 AM

everyone thinks that being a teen is awesome...but what they dont realize is all the drama and heartbreaks there are, i know from experience. i was dating this guy named john, he was the most amazing guy i have ever met. we dated for a while and then he ended it.the worst thing of it all was he broke up with me on the day 9/11. from the time i woke up that morning i was telling everyone that something bad was going to happen...but never did i think that something bad was going to happen to me. well he ended it and then i fount out that the girl that was suppose to be my friend was dating him....THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE !!! i got really depressed and started cutting my wrist. while we were dating i told him that if anything would ever come between us that i would always love for him,die for him,fight for him,bleed for him, and always have a place in my heart and life for him. when he dump me i felt like i just wanted to die...if i wasn't with him then i shouldn't deserve to live...he was my world and if i don't have my world there isn't a place for me in this world. everyday i would cut myself more and more and i would watch blood flow down my arms just knowing that i didn't have a good enough family that would be there for me and help me, but i was wrong. there was this one time i slit my wrist the time my brother walked in, blood went everywhere and i dropped to the floor.i felt like my heart was stopping, and i could see everything turning black and fading away.i couldn't breath and it was like i was gasping for my last breath of air. i couldn't remember anything.i had not known what i had done until i woke up in a hospital with my brother by my side my mom at my feet and my dad next to me asking why i did what i did. i was so confused and lost and didn't know what he was talking about.i went to raise up and it felt like my arm was getting stabbed with 10,000 million knifes...i remembered what i was doing just not what happened while i was cutting my wrist. i didn't say a thing because i thought i would get in trouble...or get put in a mental institution for that matter. my parents left the room and it was just me and my brother. my bro had told me that he loved me because he almost lost me. he said by the time i got to the hospital, i lost so much blood that i could feel like 20 glasses up with it. i never knew that i would've gotten this brother looked at me in the eye and said,,,,why did you do come you cut your wrist...why are you so depressed all the time...please tell me...sissy i don't want you to leave me....i know we argue sometimes but you cant leave. i want to teach you so many things and listen to your laugh again...but i just cant let you go...sissy i love you. well my bro told me that he would be right back..he left and came back with a surprise. when he walked back through that door i wanted to rip my heart out...standing before my eyes was john. i wanted to be put out of my misery. my bro said he would give us some alone time...i couldn't believe it and i busted into tears. i told him i want to here what he had to say.he got tears to his eyes...and grabbed my hand and said..."""""boo live you...i never meant to hurt you, me and ashlin aren't dating....the truth is i have been keeping something from you from the first time i met you....and...i have leukemia. i had to end it somehow because i didn't want to leave you with me dead...i am very sick...but the most thing I'm sick of is sick of not being with are the reason i get up every morning...your are my smile and your my best'll kill me more to live without you than leukemia taking me away piece by piece. I'm here today to say I'm sorry...if i wouldn't have did what i did you wouldn't have almost died or cut your wrist....but you did keep your word and i love you so much words cant even describe it. I'm also here today because i need you in my life...i cant live without you at all....your my world and i will always love for you,die for you,fight for you,bleed for you, and always have a place in my heart and life for you"""""......he used the exact same words that i did for him and i new we were meant to be together...i told him""""" look boo, i don't even know what to say cause i don't even see why you didn't tell me in the first place....I'm just so scared I'm going to lose you for good(i was crying) see it almost killed me because i knew i couldn't be with you...and im speechless...yes john i still love and i always will but im just so scared of whats going to happen when you die""""" he made me promise him that if he were to die tomorrow that i couldnt do anything because one day my time will end and he will be waiting for me at heavens gates
i love you john,
your my boo,
now that your gone,
I'm waiting for you.

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kuchi says:
20 Jun, 2010 04:00 AM


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Someone You Dont Know says:
09 Jul, 2010 08:08 PM

i feel so sad, depresses in side my eyes are tearing and burning at the same time i feel so bad i dont know what to say.... i am so sorry for your loss....

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Sheline says:
28 Jul, 2010 11:49 PM

a very beautiful story

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Jeremy says:
15 Nov, 2011 11:36 PM

I havent cried in years but your story was truly touching im actually tearing up right now just remeber he will be with you where ever you go i know because my aunt died and i loved her so much that i wanted to end my life but i didnt because i knew i wasnt alone and that our loved ones will always be with us (this is imbarassing but i have water works right now haha) stay strong and just wait

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yasmin says:
16 Nov, 2011 09:15 PM

WOW...i fell like if that story waz like actully meant for i get really deprest and i cut my wrist but nobody knows. but,its becase of all the drama.i really wanna stop but i cant .

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gunshot says:
17 Nov, 2011 07:20 AM

eish so sad

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april says:
22 Nov, 2011 07:14 PM

it just a heart breaking story it felt so sad but i know someday god will set some time for both of you to be happy again and love each other forever..

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Me says:
23 Nov, 2011 08:57 AM

I have to say that its sad he had luekemia, glad you loved him and he loved you, but I think comparing 9/11 to your break up is kind of selfish. I love my boyfriend and if he left me I would be devestated but I would rather lose a boyfriend then lose a dad, brother, son, sister, mother in an event as horrific as 9/11. And cutting yourself because of it shows how little self esteem you have, I hope its better now that you know he loved you always. I'm sorry you lost him that way. He sounded like a wonderful guy, thank you for being a good girlfriend for him in his time of need.

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krishna says:
24 Nov, 2011 11:48 PM

so sad. i know how it feels like being alone and left by the one you really love.. though it was not his decision to leave you.

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maria says:
27 Nov, 2011 12:04 PM

you kinda got me thinking about your story and I decided to write a poem about it...
Somewhere else in 9/11
That morning I woke up feeling something was wrong,
But I never thought that something was going to happen to me,
I found out later that day that you broke my heart just to be with her.
I knew my life was going to end; I could not live without you,
I once told you that I would always love you, die for you, fight for you,
Bleed for you, and there would always be a place in my heart for you.
I wanted to end this pain, so I slit my wrist open with the hard, silver gleaming blade,
My life was ending in a matter of seconds, grasping for my last breath of life,
I closed my eyes. I woke up and everyone?s eyes staring at me accusingly,
I tried to move, but there was a stabbing pain coming from my arm.
I realized that I was still alive; everyone left the room but my brother,
He told me that he knows we argue sometimes but I couldn?t leave.
He wants to teach me so many things and listen to me laugh again, and that he loves me.
You came through the door and my heart started racing,
My brother left the room and we were all alone.
You started telling me, how it was not true that you were dating my best friend,
And shyly you confessed to me that you have leukemia.
There was no chance between us because you told you were leaving me soon.
I was left with no words and tears scrolled down my cheeks.
From that day, I will always think about you,
now that you are gone I know that you are waiting for me.

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Sarah says:
03 Aug, 2012 09:11 PM

Sad&nice... Im crying... :'(

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Bollyguzzy says:
07 Nov, 2012 12:00 PM

This is really touching,wat a sad story

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aier says:
02 Apr, 2013 05:54 PM

I kno how u felt wen u cut ur wrist, idid tat 2 wen me and my bf broke but now im tryin 2 stay away from knives and all but wen he passes me in the school hallway and doesnt evenluk at me, i strt tearing up cus i love him and ur lucky cause u kno tat he loved u but its really sad tat he died. But he'll be waiting 4 u on the oearly gates of heaven wer he promised he'd wait 4 u

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Pierce Bonds says:
11 May, 2014 01:22 AM

You're a very strong person and I hope that one day everything works out for you.

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Manahil Aftab says:
28 Jun, 2014 09:58 AM


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Kasey says:
17 Dec, 2014 02:16 AM

Omg thats so sad. How did you live through that? You are a very strong women. All my respect is on you.

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guina says:
26 Jan, 2015 11:07 AM

yeaaa,it is very sad...pray hard to be with him

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Cina says:
03 Apr, 2015 03:39 PM

this is touching

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