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Aww.... this is so sad
Geez, why won't you skip to the main point of the story. Can't you just skip this whole bullying thing? This is a website for heart broken people, not for bullied people -.-
This story is kinda long. And well, i only read till half way then stopped. I pity you for getting bullied. But your story is very confusing. @.@ there are so many names and my head is all messed up. Why can't you just write ' A bunch of stupid kids at school bullied me and called me names' there. It will be short and simple. And then, we wont need to waste so much time reading this. Well, thats just my advice.
Quite true. But as for the last line... I don't quite belief in that. I'm quite sure, the second you start caring might not really be the second you start hurting. If you are hurt, then you must have choosen the wrong one to care
i also had the almost same expirience as u...he was like the most lovely creature in the whole world... i keep it secret that i love him..but i really regret for not telling him cause he actually kindda like me but now he is dating my best friend so all i can do is wish them........


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