my love


24 May, 2010 04:41 PM
im sorry if i left you and go with someone else
but i never wanted to hurt you 
i just have to leave you for my family
and im sorry if you cant see your baby growing in my tummy 
but please dont forget your promise to me 
that you will wait for me forever 
i know it's hard to do it 
but i trust you and i know you can 
coz you know your the only one i love 
and i know i am your only loved one 
but my love, i am scared to know that you will have a girlfriend 
and i know i will go with my fiancce 
but i didnt want to go and you know that im suffering in here and i dont know if i will be ok or what 
but i hope your ok 

and please dont be worried about your baby and me 
i'm ok but not really coz i miss you so much 
and i cant sleep every-night coz when i close my eyes 
i can see your face and it's hurting me 
coz when i open my eyes i see it's someone else but my love

you are my life and my everything 
you are the one who makes me happy and makes me alive 
and your the only one who make me see the life is really great 
but sorry im not there with you now 
and sorry if im with someone else 

i alwayz wanted to sleep in your arm all day and all night 
but it's hard to do it coz my family keep making us apart 
but together we both can make us together 
no matter what will happen but we can make it work out 
and we both love each other and even if they make us apart 
but we always together in our heart 
and i will love you soo much, my love
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