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22 Oct, 2015 04:47 AM

There was this guy named tyler, he is my step brother's friend, he has been a family friend for a long time. He and i never really got along i always thought he was annoying and just a pain, he was just always their and i never could stand him. One day he writes me on facebook, we have a causal conversation nothing too bad or good.

He started flirting with me, my mind was in a million places at once trying to get the fact that he was actually flirting, i never seen him in any other way then just someone i knew that i thought was annoying, he started telling me he would shower me with compliments and that he would treat me right all the things he knew i wanted to hear.

we kept our conversations private so no one would know we were talking, but it didn't last never long my boyfriend at the time found out about him and didn't like it very much which was understandable, me and tyler kept talking, and i kept talking to him because i was feeling lonely and wasn't getting any attention from my boyfriend. He made me feel happy and special in a way.

one day, everything changed, i was visting with my mom, and tyler came over after work, we hung out and watched lion king together everything seemed right at that moment then we kissed and things lead to another next thing i knew we were having sex. at the time i didn't see anything wrong with it i just wanted attention. but afterwards tyler blew me off he wouldn't talk to me blocked me on everything i had him on. He got a girlfriend their in love.

I was hurt at first but now i can care less, He was a lesson learned, I regret having sex with him just because it wasn't right and because he used me and i didn't think he ever would. he and i had a connection at first from what i thought, i got over him and moved on, I blocked out the feeling i had with him and the moment we had, it never shouldv'e happend and the sad part of all this is him and my stepbrother live together so i can only imagine them two comparing notes and seening who can get to me first.

It's sick.

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Anna says:
06 Nov, 2015 08:50 PM


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Prince fathili xnine says:
18 Nov, 2015 02:31 PM

I always fear to fall in love, i read ur story many time, it made me to hate relationship bcoz t s a lesson which remind me the proverb which says look b4 u lip, dont wary ma dia time will tell u evrithng

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bella says:
23 Nov, 2015 04:47 AM

thanks,it is hard sometimes.

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Roshan says:
26 Nov, 2015 02:05 AM

girls are stupid...

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Lucia zuniga says:
02 Dec, 2015 06:01 PM

I am so sorry the same thing happen to me I hurt for a while.????

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hailey says:
02 Dec, 2015 06:39 PM

not all girls are stupid besides guys are stupid

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nickie says:
08 Dec, 2015 04:04 PM

this is a very sad sotry even me sometimes i felt like i wanna kill my self i used to have a first love he broke up with me i started hurting my self know i learned from my mistakes i hate relationship so much i wanted somebody to love me please add me on facebook Shayne Dru thank you........

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Daija says:
13 Dec, 2015 04:52 AM

Wow, this is a sad story, and also sick. I don't know who would do that to someone. I feel for you girl!

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bella says:
17 Dec, 2015 10:11 AM

Thank you guys, like I said he was a lesson learned

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Faith says:
23 Dec, 2015 06:21 PM

Aaaa it hurts buh don worry jus move on...ask God then u wil find your soulmate

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Shivraj says:
30 Jan, 2016 06:23 AM

Its very good story even i had a same experience in my life but still now i had a regret of that why should i had a sex with my ex girlfriend, its keep roaming in mind.
Anyway its life we have to keep walking we must not stable in a place where they left.
Life keep teaching a lesson we have to ready to learn i think .

And thanks for sharing you experience.


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Martha njeri says:
25 Mar, 2016 02:43 PM

It good to learn thrugh exprience

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anonymous says:
25 Apr, 2016 12:54 PM

i feel bad that you had to go through that. the fact that he tricked you into love just to use you and see you hurt. it's sad.

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Jack says:
04 Jan, 2017 04:08 PM


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kiwi says:
26 Feb, 2017 01:30 AM

that boy named tyler is a jerk!

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Mimikitty says:
13 May, 2017 02:41 PM

I get that he tricked you but you still cheated on you boyfriend

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