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I will never have true love...


24 Oct, 2012 09:08 AM

This is the story or a girl who fell in love but it's too late. That girl is me. I've known him for five years, he has loved me for two years, and yet...I realized how deep my feelings are for him...When I left Egypt. I lived in Egypt for most of my life, but currently I live in England. My father's job is the reason why I travel, we have been to Dubai, Lebanon, France, Egypt and England. I'm still fifteen, and I've lived in that much places. I never minded travelling. In fact I love travelling, but when it depends on losing your friends, its a bit hard. I was in Egypt when my father got his job in England. I was thirteen, and it was very hard for me to leave my best friends...It was also a bit hard to say goodbye to him knowing that he... [Read More]

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My Life Story

Sarah S

31 Mar, 2013 03:31 AM

I am 16 years old, in grade 11, and my life is messed up. It all started when I was in grade 7, when I moved back to my home town (where grown up). I was just a kid loving life, with no problems, have great friends, and just amazing life. But in grade 7, I started getting picked on. I started getting called names like fat, ugly, waste of space, etc. I honestly hated the names, I hated my life. I didn't understand why people started acting like that to me. In grade 8, last year in education school and the name calling and bulling is still going on. I never told my mom, or the teacher because I thought the name calling will get worst so I left it to myself. About half way in grade 8, I started getting stressed out, and mad at myself. I started... [Read More]

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I've missed him ..


21 May, 2012 12:05 AM

All this time, years apart ..I've missed his smile, the way he used to make me laugh just by being there, the way he made me fall in love with him without a single effort this is the only thing he was good at. Circumstances were tough and I could't be with him but also couldn't forget him. I've tried so many times but can't get him out of my mind cause every single detail in my daily life reminds me of him. Sometimes I pretend being assertive and try to move on with my life but in vain. He has never told me he loved me but somehow my love for him grows everyday.. I always wonder what he is doing? who is he with? does he even miss me? these questions are killing me , his absence is killing me but I just can't call him and say... [Read More]

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Forget or Fight?

Audrey M

12 Sep, 2010 08:42 AM

I'm a 14 year old girl who is very depressed and wanting to be loved by him... Now some people would say that 8th grade was too young to have their first love?I, on the other hand, think otherwise. It was a Monday, the second week of school. I was off to my 8th period class, Spanish. We were assigned to sit at a table of four. Grant S sat in front of me. He was very shy and never talked. At least that's what I thought. The next day when I went to Spanish, I overheard two girls shouting at Grant. "Why won't you ask her out!!!!" shouted one girl. "Don't you like her?" yelled the other. Grant stood for a second, looking like he would explode. Right before he could respond, class started. After school, I came home and went on Facebook to check out my Farmville. I... [Read More]

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First, Last and Only Kiss

Will Small

18 Dec, 2011 12:59 AM

There was once a young man who was in love. It was the same old story; he loved a girl who he knew from school. He loved her for years and they were close, talking on the phone well into the night several times a week, but they did not hang out together a whole lot. Then as the boy got older they started running with the same crowd, he was happy at first, until she started dating someone else, and of course he was friends with the other guy. Life went on, for our hero was used to being in love with her but not having her. So one day her boyfriend and she were having problems and he went on a family vacation for two weeks and the relationship was left up in the air while he was gone. So our protagonist took the opportunity and told her... [Read More]

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21 Apr, 2013 11:22 AM

She lies there staring aimlessly at the roof as silent as the dead night itself, she try's to figure out why he left, she try's to figure out a reason for him not being here she wants to know why, she is listening to her breathing to distract herself from letting that familiar sour salty tasting water drip from her vibrant pale blue eyes, but the memories just get flooding in past her barriers and walls she has built so high over the past year, the memories of the times she spent with the boy she loved, all the walks along the beach, all the times he gave her his jacket when she was cold, all the times he would make her smile. She cant remember the last time she smiled, nobody can, her friends that have become strangers, her parents that have now become intruders in her home. Her... [Read More]

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That Boy


16 May, 2013 01:09 AM

In 7th grade I met this boy and we became best friends until I realized I had many feelings for him. So to be the bigger person I went up to him and told him how I felt... A day later he asked me to a dance and of course I said yes....later that week I realized I was his second choice...what a heart breaker He found out that I knew and called me to try and fix everything...After a while of being strong I realized he was crying and I felt so bad so I forgave him cuz I was absolutely in love with him...We had a terrific time at the dance...then a few days later he asked my friend Shelby out and then this girl McKenna out... The problem was I couldn't get over him...but I knew I had to try... About 3 months later they break up... [Read More]

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A Masked Story

Ornob Repon

12 Dec, 2012 03:47 PM

A 13 year old girl leading a normal life in a middle school where everyone was fake. No one cared about the good things in your life...just the bad. I met you there. You were with her when I met you. I thought of you as any other guy in the school. My best friend and I hung out with your girlfriend but you and I never talked. The first time we said hi to each other was just like anything else I've ever done. I didn't give it much thought. It was your last year...and we had only been talking for a couple months. I never imagined myself falling for you. We became best friends...We talked about anything and everything. Remember the nicknames? Monkey and Skittles...yeah, I remember. I remember the pain in your eyes when she broke up with you. I remember how bad I felt to see... [Read More]

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The fate of my love


13 Feb, 2012 11:46 PM

I was a very happening person in my college days. I used to live my life to the fullest. Being a Gemini I have a versatile nature. When I joined my degree college, me and my school friend joined a dance troop to get some extra pocket money. I met her there.... At first we were dead enemies, we literally used to envy each other. After few months, with couple of performances in and outside the city, we got to know each other. We were made partners for some couple performances.. Then we became friends. Slowly we started talking to each other more often. We exchanged our no's and started chatting at late nights. She was staying alone as her parents had settled in another city. She used to miss her parents a lot and the homely food. I then sometimes took food from home in vessels for her without... [Read More]

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He cheated...


28 May, 2011 04:00 PM

I used to be this girl who laughed and smiled all the time... but that changed when I met this boy at school... It was September of 2010 and I was upset about this boy named Enrique who broke my heart. So my friend decided to call her ex-boyfriend (Gio) and explain to him what happened. He told me that everything was going to be okay and that I'll move on. Later on at night when my friend was sleeping I called Gio and talked to him for 2-3 hours. He explained to me that he did want to be friends but wanted to take it more further... I told him I felt the same way. He asked me out at school and of course I said yes. Days passed by and he gave me my first kiss on October 12, 2010 a month before my birthday. 6 days later... [Read More]

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