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Name: Jillian L
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About Me: Living a hard life with cutting as your only escape but when you try to die you just can't. You hold yourself back from all of it because it scares you and you might not know it but deep down your brain is telling you don't do it.
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I've gotten over him. I've forgotten almost everything about him all through the power of music and dance. Thank you though.
I've moved on from him and I have stayed as strong as I can. There are some songs I listen to that he sang to me all the Tim that I break apart when I hear but I've tried to stay strong. Thank you all for the comments.
You know Lances you are a total dick... Not to be offensive but seriously. If you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all...
I did meet him. I used to live in the same town when I was 8 but moved when I was 11. Then I visited him twice since then.
That is my escape. I like the blood dripping on my arm. The stinging cold air. Cutting to the bone. But not when you are stuck being alive...