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Is it TRUE love?

Tara Wicker

07 Oct, 2010 09:27 AM

I fell in love with this guy that I've had my eye on since 8th grade. As always, I'm the older one in the relationship. We've known each other, but never really thought we'd be together. We started talking through text, because my friend had his phone & called me from it & i ended up losing service & texted that number asking who it was. I couldn't believe it when i found out it was him. i was so happy (: we started dating May 30, 2010. I snuck out of my house a couple of times just to be with him, snuck him in a couple of times, because we were so in love! My family doesn't approve of interracial relationships, I'm white & he's black/white. He makes me so happy, but just recently things have been changing & i don't know what to do! He's so busy... [Read More]

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Words i use when i cry


10 Sep, 2010 06:02 PM

What is love? Is it cold, and mean? Just like life... Or is it something different? A love that will sweep you away, only too leave your core with a fuzzy warmth. And looking into your lovers eyes with contempt that he/ she is 'the one'. i wouldn't know, you see. I used too be in love, or so i thought. But love is just life, and just as cruel, just as heartless. I need , you, too tell me i'm wrong. That love DOES exist. That love IS real. Because I'm not so sure anymore. this is my story... The start of my depression, was startling. Like right then and there i realized, that life sucks. Nothing, anchored me down to earth anymore. Just family, and sometimes friends... Day dreams took over my days, and everything was imaginary. This is when i reached for the razor. Some of you... [Read More]

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Knowing its going to happen

Person in love

05 Sep, 2010 01:25 AM

I'm 15 and live in Michigan, every relationship i had was bullshit, they all cheated every single girl i had, they talked to guys behind my back they made me feel like shit. I thought i was going to give up on love, I'm 15 and went through so much crap so i figured love is something that will never happen. Then it started. My friend was sleeping over my house and one of my best friends had his friend call me and act like a dumb blond so i guess it was a prank call, But i knew who was talking because i remember my friend talking about this girl named Jessica that he met and stuff. So i said Hi Jessica and shes like how do you know and she ended up getting annoyed of me so she said hang up you are annoying me. i said alright... [Read More]

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I am confused


30 Aug, 2010 05:12 AM

Ummmh, where should i start? My sisters and brothers should i say i am crazy or what? My dear friends this just happened on may 2008. I never knew this guy until my friend told me about him. He was my closest friend's friend. My friend used to talk to him on the phone and i always insisted to talk to him 2. Then one day i was at my friend's place and the guy called. Later on i said please give me his number i would like to talk to him too. And there i was, i got a calling card then i called him and we talked. Days went on and almost every day we talked. Oh my God i can't tell you how we fell in love with each other. Then he asked me if i could be his best friend the i said its ok by... [Read More]

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11 Aug, 2010 12:29 AM

Love at first sight exist....It happened to me..... 2 years ago, I saw this guy, who is a total stranger to my vision. I dont know his name, and anything about him,, but I have this feeling inside my heart, a feeling that could hardly be put into just a first glance. I seldom saw him, but the feelings inside grows as time goes by. After 2 years we become facebook friend, we chatted, and that moment could be considered as the Golden era of my love life. This came to the point where he get my cellphone number and we became textmates. Right then ,I know Im totally falling in love with him. But, I also have this principle that I need to concentrate to my studies.I says to him, that we could never be more than friends. I set a parameter saying , we were only friend,... [Read More]

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He Betrayed Me (HELP)


19 Jul, 2010 09:16 AM

I was sixteen when I met Johnson. He was eighteen at that time. He was so perfect in every detail. He was handsome, tall, well-built, with nice blond hair and perfect blue eyes that goes well with his handsome features. He had a nickname for me, Christina (he loves to call me that name). He was my classmate. For four months, I kept eyeing Johnson. I think I had a crush on him. Four months later, the word came out of my mouth," I love you." Johnson said," I love you too." Seven months after our relationship, well, I lost my virginity to Johnson. Johnson said," I never experienced such wonderful sex, Christina, I must be with you forever. But mostly, I love you." I was so moved. A year later, I got pregnant with a baby girl. When Johnson heard the news, he said," I will always love you.... [Read More]

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i love you sir...


17 Jul, 2010 03:02 AM

i am 18 years old and a nursing student, i had this crush for my instructor since the first day i saw him. that was when i was in first year college im third year now. my instructor is a nurse educator; a clinical instructor. whenever he walks around, i feel like im flying, my heart is bounding and i cant help myself but to smile while he is passing by. its been 3 yrs now and i suddenly realized that this is no crush, i love him, but theres no way of revealing it, i feel that it is not good to see for a student to confess to her instructor but i will love him secretly. he barely notices me but i will be watching over him and caring for him that only god will know how much i love him. should i be getting rid of him??... [Read More]

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a broken heart


02 Jul, 2010 10:54 AM

im 13 and i met a guy he was 15 he was really sexy and i thought he was sweet so we are talking every day he was on the football team really skinny and he would be nice to me through texts but at school he would just act like he didnt know me and i got really mad so i went up to him and asked him why was he doing this to me i really loved him and he just said i dont know what u r talking about. i said whatever one of his friends had seen the messages and said whatever Corey ur being a jerk. well after that he started screaming at me and called me a stupid obsessed little 7th grader that needed to get a life. my friend and i wrote a song about it. i was so upset i had to... [Read More]

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Should i be happy or sad?


29 May, 2010 07:54 AM

My life has always given me suprises....i come from a middle class family..we couldnt get everything but we were happy but despite the days my mum n dad would fight....til my dad would beat my dad would be violent wen he was drunk....then when my sis was 19 she got married...she wasnt realy sure about it bt my mum said just do it...she wasnt happy with the guy...he would beat her up n they would argue all the time..aftr their kids they became better....i always thought things would be different for me...but no....when i turned 16 my sister's aunt came to us to get me n her son hooked up....n my mum agreed...i felt like kiling myslf....n d worst was wen my dad wasnt drunk my mum was dominant n when she said this would hapen...i agreed but i said i wanna get married when i am at least... [Read More]

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