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Waiting for him


03 Aug, 2011 08:56 AM

This is the story of my sad sad life. In 3rd grade I met the guy of my dreams. His name was Tristan. We were at the same school for 3 years but then went different ways for middle school. Just before Christmas in 7th grade we got back in touch. We talked and emailed and finally I realized that I was in love with him. I grabbed the chance and told him in a long letter. He was shocked. Partially because no one had ever done something like that for him and partly because he had no idea how strong my feelings for him were. He became my boyfriend and we dated for 2 1/2 months. Then one day I got an email saying he needed some time to think all this out. I was crushed. About a month later he called me saying he was ready for us... [Read More]

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he cheated on me many times


01 Jun, 2011 05:42 AM

there was this one guy whose name is "anggang", he was my childhood friend and turned out to be my childhood lover.. we had a mutual understanding since we we're an elementary student. i was one year ahead of him. wen we reached high school that was the time he expressed his feeling to me...i am very happy knowing that the person i love, loves me also.. we we're very happy bein' together and for me it was a perfect relationship. but just like other love stories, there comes to a point that he cheated on me.. i never thought he could do that to me because i am such a very good girlfriend to him. I'm not bragging but I'm just telling the truth.. many times he cheated on me and many time i forgive him, but in some point of my life i feel tired of bein' hurt..i... [Read More]

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I Dont Know


14 May, 2011 04:23 PM

"I don't know" is my favorite phrase these days - when i say "these days" i mean since June 14th 2010, that's 11 months. I'm really confused about my feelings. First of all, this might not be the saddest story and i might seem ungrateful for my life at the moment but i really cant cope with this. I'm feeling so depressed and just literally want to die right now. I told one of my friends about this (the only person i could really trust with this) and they told me to go see a psychologist.. but i don't want to. I know - stubborn. I think its better if i get the pain over with and kill myself. Right now I'm at the point where every time i go in the kitchen or get hold off a knife, i press it against my face and it relieves me for... [Read More]

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Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

Arefeen Mansur

03 Feb, 2011 07:40 PM

Most people have occasional ups and downs in their life. I have that too. What I have is a lot more severe than just the occasional ups and downs. When some unfortunate events occur to me, I feel worthless. Changes occur to me rapidly. I loose appetite, sleep and interest on everything. Eventually, I think of cutting myself or loose hope of being alive. When I am happy, I feel like the happiest person on the earth. I feel like telling the world I am happy. Pretty sure, I have some abnormalities in me. But, am I the only one? I feel that there are other people like me who lives around me with abnormalities more or less. Cutting is an emotional disorder. I am writing today because I have suffered through it. Cutting is the intentional act of harming on oneself with or without suicidal intend. Even if it... [Read More]

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it was just a dream


23 Oct, 2010 05:46 AM

im Tryphoena, a 4th yr student.. i have a big crush on my classmate Chris.. so does my best friend Amore.. first day of classes we were decorating our room, i sat on a chair so did my friends and chris.He was folding a paper into a flower, my friends ask him to whom eill he give the flower he said to a girl he loves. they asked him is she tall since im taller than him he said no!! then my friends said ahh its not tryphoena. i went to the other side of the room to get some materials, then the bell rang recess time. we ate and went back to the room then i went back to where i was sitting a while back and started to make some of the decorations neede in the room then i heard someone calling.. guess who? its Chris when i... [Read More]

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Is it me or him?

immatured bitch

22 Oct, 2010 05:21 AM

THE SEARCH IS OVER!... that was what I thought when we set the date of our wedding,I'm not getting married because both of us planned to, I'm getting married because I am carrying our baby. I'm am 19 years old and he's 22. Our relationship started when I was on my college days all of our schoolmates envied me of having him as my boyfriend,he's the kind of man every girls would be dreaming of,he had the qualities of a perfect boyfriend.He had even supported his studies by himself as a working student in our school. During those times I was not that totally attracted to him, I might have admired him but not as much as making him the apple of my eye. Days went on I noticed myself falling for him, I started to get jealous whenever there's someone who'll seat with him in his own chair, It... [Read More]

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Friends can break your heart too </3


18 Oct, 2010 03:32 PM

Me and Him had been best friends since Pre-K. We had a relationship that nothing can seperate. Over a long period of time, I tried telling Him that I liked him..more than liked..but he acted all weird so I pretended it was a joke or something. All my friends had told me that He liked me, but I was too nervous to find out. One day, he asked me to go to the movies..but I was scared to go alone, so I invited some friends to go with us because I had heard he was going to try and kiss me. After that, He told me that He liked me and things went downhill. Whenever we went to class it was just awkward. I couldn't text him, call him, email him, let alone talk to him. It was just the weirdest feeling. I was questioning whether I liked him or... [Read More]

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Those 3 words.


12 Oct, 2010 07:16 AM

Well first of all, if you read my first story ;On the dance floor then you would understand how much this situation abit more, if not well.. lets just say a friendship was ruined, a heart shattered and regret all 'round on the dance floor that night. Typing in my MSN password i was hoping only one name would pop on at the side of my screen saying 'he' is online. There he was, online as always. Jeremy was online. I clicked his name, but stopped. Should I say hello first? Would i seem annoying? Or too obbsessed? Better leave it. I clicked the X and instead clicked on my best friends name. Me-"YO MA NIGGAH! HOWS YOU KAAARMEN?!" Karmen-"Hey hey ma homiee, pre good, you?" Me- "Crap." Karmen-"Jeremy. You need to get over him! Hes hurt you so many times! Its braking you into pieces mel!" Me- "I just... [Read More]

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My Life As of Now


12 Oct, 2010 02:30 AM

As of right now, this is where I am in my life. I am still depressed due to my past experiences. I am 21 and I try to do my thing in college and live my life partying. I used to be so emo in the past because I had my heart broken once and I never thought it be broken again. All my friends finally found heir girlfriends that they stick to, while I have trouble keeping someone who would be loyal and honest with me. Many others put heir problems on me and sometimes I get so aggravated because ppl r so selfish. When i am there for them they aren't there for me. When i do things for them, they do not appreciate it. So that's y i am starting to become an asshole. Back to my main story tho, I fell in love my freshman year... [Read More]

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10 Oct, 2010 05:46 PM

Well here i am again. The one that was wanting the guy in my last story (broken chance). I'm back with another story. This time its about an other guy. Friday, 10-8-10 we i hung out with these two boys and two of my friends. We were out late at my house outside. me and one of the boys were kinda messing around. well when i was sitting on the ground in front of a step he was behind me with his legs on either side of me. while he was talking to his friend i was just looking off into face and then he turned and kissed me and i was surprised, but i didn't pull away. i didn't want to. I've only kissed one guy in my life and i left him. it was the best day. then 10-9-10 we hung out again with one of my best... [Read More]

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