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Shawn Easton

23 Aug, 2012 03:31 AM

It all started during freshmen year in high school. There was this girl I've had my eyes on for a while, but since I'm not really popular nor an attractive person I always doubted that I would ever be with her. Soon comes the time where I have a few classes with her. In the beginning I still doubted that we'd ever even be friends but when we did start to talk a little I got a vibe from her that it seemed like she liked me. When I found out that she enjoyed talking to me I was always excited to go to the classes I had with her just to even talk to her. After a bit of time had passes we started texting a lot and I mean a lot, we had many conversations about our lives and everything. At this time we were just good friends... [Read More]

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Don't Leave me... Please


06 May, 2013 01:40 AM

Dear you... Yes you... I love you... Don't leave me... Don't overdose on those pills.... don't let her get to you... You are my best friend... If you leave, I leave too, you know that. She is just... I don't know, not a good person. A good person wouldn't leave someone as hurt as you to try to do this over and over again. I'm sorry I keep refusing to get help. It scares me so much I don't even know why... It just does. Don't kill yourself. I love you too much. So many people care about you... you can't tell. What about your little sister? You're such a good big brother. If my brother was half as sweet as you are to your younger sister than I probably wouldn't hurt as much as I do. I'm so sorry you are hurt. If I could take it all away... [Read More]

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Lost a sister


06 Apr, 2015 05:36 PM

This is a true story about two girls who were more like sisters than best friends... but that friendship slowly died. The names of the girls in this story will be changed because of identity safety. Ariel and I were best friends since we were little. We were more like sisters than best friends our moms used to say. I remember the day she changed completely... It my first day of 8th grade and I was excited to see my friends I haven't seen over the summer, especially Ariel. When I walked into the classroom, I saw all my friends and we talked about our summer. I was looking for Ariel through the crowd until I saw her head. I pushed through the crowd and there she was. At first I was shocked to see her because she was chubby, had acne all over her face, and she had braces.... [Read More]

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