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(STORY) - A Letter To My Best Friend (Part 2)


08 Sep, 2011 02:13 PM

Dear Best Friend. I wish you could hear my voice one last time so that you would no longer have to worry. I wish I could make you smile one last time so you would know that you deserve to be happy. I wish that I could make you laugh one last time so that you would cry tears of happiness rather than tears of sadness. I am in the clouds. I am far from you but near your heart. When you find the truth, please do not worry. I am in a better place, but no matter where I am there is no better place than the place by your side. I also miss you. I hope you are feeling that I don't want you to be worried about me anymore. Your love one is right, when we meet again, we will talk as if it hasn't been so... [Read More]

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car accident


27 Aug, 2011 12:38 AM

One day there was a girl named Abigail,she's already 16 and his best friend named Josh who's 17.They're best friends since they're just 11,they are always together,and they love each other so much.One day when they were in school the principal was running towards the classroom where Abigail and Josh were to be found,when she arrived she called Abigail,the principal was very nervous and was shaking,when Abigail came she looked curiously to her principal and asked " Good morning Mrs. Jane (the name of the principal)is there something wrong? " the principal looked down and said " I don't know how to say this Abigail,but we know that we cant stay forever in this world,and we need to leave our love ones and go to our place there above" Abigail looked at the principal,she smiled and said " Yes i know that Mrs Jane,but why are you saying this to... [Read More]

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Best Friends Forever

Life Pops

31 Jul, 2011 05:20 AM

My story is base from my own experience and is a true to life. It all started when I was on 6th grade. I was the Table Tennis captain and was considered the best athlete in school. At the Intramural Sports Fest, my cousin went to watch my game, and he introduced me to Maureen, his classmate. I knew her ever since we were young, but I never talked to her since we have different peers and that she's a year older than me. When the match was over and my opponent won, Maureen comforted me as my cousin laughed at me. She asked me if I would want to watch her game that will start in about ten minutes, and since I was lost and not in the mood to go somewhere alone, I said yes. The tennis court was filled with people, my cousin went to buy some... [Read More]

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