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18 Jan, 2017 01:52 AM

Love…is a word you use when you feel a spark between you and another. In my words, I don’t believe in any type of love. True love, love at first sight, or just plain “I love you”. You can’t just meet somebody and instantly fall in love. You can’t just know after your first date that you two are meant to be, because things happen. One of you could cheat or one of you could move somewhere very far having for both of you to stop seeing each other. Then you’d realize that it wasn’t meant to be. You’d realize that he wasn’t going to be the person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. I’m not trying to hate on people who think they are in love, but let’s be realistic. Love is just a myth people made up to make them feel wanted and... [Read More]

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Mohamad Hidayat Bacho Muhd

15 Nov, 2014 06:32 AM

The girl that I thought that would fill my heart has crushed every bit of my feelings..she lied to me but perhaps I ‘ll tell you guys the story….it began when I was in high school. She was 15 and I was 14.She was cute, funny and nice. Every quality of a suitable girlfriend for me. We were in the same school but in different class since she was 1 year older than me. The only chance I can see her or talk to her would be during co-curriculum. We were in the same unit. I’ was her assistant and she was my boss not the supreme boss. Anyway my love grows each passing day. Whenever we meet, I would make some jokes and share good stories and every time she seemed to enjoy it. Sometimes when she had free time on her hands she would invite me to grab... [Read More]

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My mom...


10 Apr, 2017 09:04 AM

My mom was the most amazing wonderful person you would ever meet,she dealt with my bullying with school relationships everything. well during my childhood my mom was drinking and addicted to crystal meth,and of Course me being a young child I didn't know what that stuff was and I just thought she was super mom,that wasn't the case,she was hiding secrets that no one knew about emotions kept hidden. But she still managed to be the best mom I could have. My mom's and dad's relationship was rocky my dad expected my mom to be prefect and do everything he said and he cheated on her countless of times and my mom did the same back and my dad was around but not really their. It was like living with a stranger. My mom tried so hard to be The best she could be. She has always been their for... [Read More]

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the worse challenge


10 Mar, 2011 06:00 AM

a boy gave his girlfriend a challenge to live a day without him & if she did it he would love here more.... the girl agreed and she didnt talk to him for a day without knowing?? He had only 24 hours to live because he was suffering from cancer...!!! she went to his house the next day tears falling down her eyes as she saw him lying in his coffin with a note on the side ''you did it baby,you can do it everyday'' -shannon-... [Read More]

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Summer of Sadness


14 Jul, 2018 05:57 AM

Although it's been a year later, I still think about him and why he treated me that way. It was the summer of 2017, a friend of mine introduced me to his cousin through xbox. The boy was only a year older than me and he was quite humorous. He always knew how to make me laugh and I decided to message him personally to get to know him better. He was dating someone at the time, but he came to me explaining his relationship problems and for advice. I tried as much as I could to save it, but it came to an end. I strongly felt bad, but there was also some relief in how I felt and I didn't know why. We got into the hang of talking for hours on a daily basis. He pushed me to communicate more throughout phone calls and FaceTime even though... [Read More]

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The odd break up.

John L.

14 Mar, 2017 03:43 AM

I moved with my mom recently because my dad was abusive. I am having a way better life but something major happened that kind of threw me off. I saw it coming but I ignored the bad feelings and went for it anyways. Let me rewind a bit. I am a Junior in High school and starting at a new school. I am making friends fast, getting good grades, and playing some sports like football and basketball. A few months into the school year this girl started talking to me. Her name is Destiny. She is gorgeous, funny, and gets me. We became really close over the months and my feelings for her got stronger. I decided to make my move. I asked her on a date and she agreed. We were going to dinner then to watch the homecoming game. I wasn't on the football team at the time... [Read More]

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Losing hope for love.


03 Apr, 2015 07:57 AM

I keep telling myself there's someone out there for me, but each day that passes, it just gets harder and harder, and i'm losing hope. What if I've already met her and I don’t even know it? What if I've already lost her? This is how I feel every day. I can’t get past the feeling that I've found her but i’ll never be with her. Whether its because shes far too beautiful, smart, kind or any of the other numerous things I could list off of the top of my head, I just can’t fathom the thought that I could end up being happy. Why can’t I be happy? I long to be in love, that feeling of happiness, that motivation to be the best person I could be, I want it back. I want to be her best friend, her confidant, a shoulder for her to cry on,... [Read More]

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A Promise that can never be fulfill

Milica Ilic

08 Apr, 2015 05:25 PM

A life start like a seed. Little by little, it's start growing into the beautiful flower, and that flower was the only one in the world, till one day a bee came to talk with a little flower. A flower was happy, because she knew that someone would understand how it is too feel to be alone. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger, but then the clouds took over the sun, and the rain started to fall. A bee was felling cold, and it has to go home, so he left flower and didn't return or even said goodbye. Flower was felling so sad, and a drop of a little tear made her fade, and she could never be born again... I have 13 years, and I'm going into the 7th grade. I came into school called ''NewYork High'', two years ago. I was afraid, thinking that the new friends... [Read More]

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Missing her


24 Aug, 2015 12:34 AM

Hi my name is Charity. I was always told sharing what happened would make me feel better, so here it goes. It takes about two days (when I was 11 years old) before the "Incident", back where my stepdad and my mom got into a fight, they barely argued but when they did it was BAD! The night of the fight I was laying in my bedroom just listening as my stepdad and mom fought. They threw stuff at each other (Phones, chairs, books etc.) Eventually they started claiming things and starting hitting each other. I cried myself till I couldn't cry anymore, until I fell asleep to them screaming. When I got up my stepdad was still mad and my mom was crying her heart out as I tried to comfort her. We begged and begged for my stepdad not to leave us, but he wouldn't even talk to... [Read More]

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Goin with the flow


24 Oct, 2013 08:02 PM

I am Sammie, I have been tall all my life, I am friends with all guys, I am biracial, and I am very easy to hurt. I don't know what to do with life, it all seems so hard. Well let me take you back to 2012, when I first meant Chris. Chris is a cutie, tall, blonde hair and blue eyes. He was my best-friend, but things started to get weird... He knew I loved him, I made it obvious. But at the same time, I couldn't stop. I wanted to but I couldn't. Feelings wouldn't leave, so I gave in.. And that's how it ended. We stopped talking, I stopped thinking about him and it finally vanished. I started talking to Ben, who is my best friend but I believe I have no feelings, its complicated. Ben is also hansom, tall, brown hair brown eyes. The sight of... [Read More]

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