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Alex Love

09 Jan, 2014 07:00 AM

There was a girl all alone lost in a world filled with hate an darkness. She could not see where her mind and body were taking her. She was consumed by what everyone thought of her. For her everything was hard, at school she was either too fat or to skinny, to hot or to ugly. There was no in between, her life was based on lies. She had no friends, no family sat alone everyday waiting for someone to just say hey. Her mother was always awake she never had a father her sister at school and no brothers around. For she was ever alone. She could never see the light in the dark path that she was on, for now she is completely lost. She could not think for herself she came home each night tear down her face blood down her wrist. She wished an hoped, damn she prayed all night and day that the pain would go. She could not stop it or slow it down as it ate away at her brain an her heart. She kicked and yelled every night hoping her mom would see she was in pain. Her mother thought she was bipolar or maybe just plain insane. No one not even her own mother could see that she was suffering , no one could ever imagine the pain she was in. Each day she walked she walked in the rain. A few months past her mom put her in therapy all she did was scream and cry. Her mother and teachers and all her classmates thought she was nuts and she was loosing her mind. No one thought to ask her why she did what she did, no one thought to see if she really needed help or just friend to talk to. She wished oh how she wished she could end it. But god would not let her, for she has a reason to live.

One night when she was asleep she herd a little whisper so quit and soft saying her name very gently she rose she walked down the empty hall, that night she dreamed of a way to end it all. She woke up the next morning with a smile, her mother asked why are you smiling. She simply replied I am happy now you will see I found a way a way to be free. She walked out that door an into the school she stood on the stage and looked around, she simply said to all the people being called fat or ugly skinny or bitchy there is a way out there is but it is not death. All the pretty and rich kids laughed for they thought it was funny that the weird kid was talking. She looked at everyone and simply smiled,let me tell you I might never come again so let me tell you now. One year ago I suffered a car accident that is why I have my scar on my face that you call ugly … last year I was pregnant because I was raped that is why you call me fat… I lost the baby an went anorexic that is why you call me skinny.. you stupid girls an boys do not know what it is like on the other side.. so the next time you go to call someone ugly or fat or a outcast you should not judge just see who they are inside. Once again though everyone laughed at her. She went home that night and ended her life. She wrote a note to all my fellow classmates I hope now you will my story and listen to those words I spoke for they can either haunt you or help you!

Tags: Pain, Hate, Sadness
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Christopher Soto says:
21 Feb, 2014 02:54 AM

That was amazing. Sad as hell. But amazing

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blah says:
26 Mar, 2014 03:42 PM

Wow incredibly sad. Oddly enough, I was listening to "What Now" by Rihana.
Weird . . .

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Alex Love says:
18 Sep, 2014 09:16 PM

Thank you guys

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