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Summer love, Summer lost

Marie Markham

10 Nov, 2016 12:52 PM

From the day we were born he had been my best friend. The only constant in my world of chaos. One faithful day our friendship blossom into something so much more. Summer of 2011 (11 yrs. old) We sat on the steps outside our apartment building, there had been a big black out, not a light in sight and just above our head there was a sky full of stars, more than we had ever seen. But, somehow my eyes couldn't move from him. He sat with his head in his hands; so, I asked him what was wrong he just shook his head and said "nothing" but I knew him better. I watched him carefully as I set my head in my hands and looked to him with a smile. His lips twitched but he quickly turned away. I moved alittle closer slightly nudged him with my elbow, a... [Read More]

Tags: Lost Love, Lost Freind, Death, Accident, Self Harm, Addiction, Abuse
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A Broken Road


02 Dec, 2014 05:00 PM

A Broken Road It was a late October afternoon and while many families were in their homes having dinner, or perhaps watching television together, a car pulled to the side of Farm Road 117 in Orange County, Missouri. While the car was of a beautiful silver, and was no less than a luxury vehicle, the woman driving alone inside wanted nothing to do with the car or anything else. This woman’s name was Tina and as she sat in the stalled car crying, the autumn wind blew gently through the trees of many colors. Her crying had caused her eyeliner and mascara to smear, giving her the illusion of two black eyes. Her sobs reverberated through the air for she was no longer trying to contain her sorrow. To her right, two squirrels quickly jumped from one tree to another as thoughts of loneliness and worthlessness flashed through her mind.... [Read More]

Tags: Depression, Addiction, Suicide, Pills, Family, Unloved
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A haunting death


03 Jan, 2014 12:03 AM

I never would have guessed that my best friend, the happiest and nicest looking guy i had ever met, was actually depressed and suicidal. When he would talk to me he would brighten my day and make me feel special and loved, something that no one else has ever been able to do. He helped me forget any problem I had. He even helped me with the worse break up of my life, where my ex mentally bullied and tormented me for months because I broke up with him, after he cheated on me with my best friend and turned all my friends against me after our previous breakups which always came from him because I wasn't following his every move like he wanted me to. My best friend didn't live in the same country as I did but since his father was from here, he came to visit every... [Read More]

Tags: Drugs, Crush, Addiction, Depression, Death
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