another chance??


14 Feb, 2010 11:20 PM

it was at my softball game when my phone rings it was a text msg from one of my realy good friends from sunday school he need to ask me something i said okeyy he said would wanna go out with me i said HEACK YA!!!! ones we were one i knew or so i thought we would last only a couple of days but then day became into weeks and weeks into months and i did see it coming but it was month 2 and i ask him you don't really like me watch your going to dump me really soon!! he said why would i do that I LOVE YOU and even though it was just throw a text msg i thought it was romantic and to a few more months went by and he text me during class to come into the hall so i did he... [Read More]

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drunk love

samantha sherburn

07 Feb, 2010 05:19 PM

There was this girl named sam she just moved in this new town and she was doing good. She had friends and she was a cheerleader and the captain of the football team(nick)liked her. so one night she decided to go on the date that he asked her to go with him. He had a car and her parents didnt approve of her going wit him so she lied and told her parents she was going to her friend candice's house and they said she could but she was really going on her date. When she got to the party everyone was drinking and smoking. Nick asked sam to take a hit of his cigarette she said no, so he asked if she wanted to go on her moon-lite ride wit him she said no your drunk he said so baby i can drive. so she went with him when... [Read More]

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31 Jan, 2010 10:08 AM

i meet him in 10th grade, his was in my 5th and 8th hour. we started to talk and we became friends and within a week i was talking to him 24/7. he would call me ever night at 10:00 and we would talk till 12:00am even if we had school in the morning. him would ride his bike 3 miles to my house every other day. it took me 1 week the fall in love with his. and everyone asked if we were going out but him so no he told me that it was making him mad but then he did care anymore and thats when i new that he started to love me. We were talking more and more everyday. we talked about are pasted, what we plan to do in the future. everything was great we were so close and it seemed it we were already... [Read More]

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Forbidden Love


30 Jan, 2010 05:20 PM

I would tell him i love you over the phone when my parents weren't home. I would always hear the reply "I love you more". Just hearing his voice say that made me smile, no matter how many times I have heard it. If only we were allowed to be together. I hate how my parents were. They were racist and unreasonable, stuck in their ways. My mom would tell me that i don't know what love is at such a young age but she was wrong. I was in love with him. Whenever i saw him, i would smile. I couldn't help it. My heart would pound even after all those months we have been together, sneaking and lying to our parents just so we could be together. Yea, it sounds bad but it was the only way we could see each other. We texted each other from morning... [Read More]

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ill only promise forever..

Amanda Brown

18 Jan, 2010 05:37 AM

One day, a girl and her boyfriend were walking on a beach, and they began to talk.. girl: i want you to know something. boy: okay girl: i love u with all my heart, no matter what i say or do,and i promise to you that we will be together forever.. Boy: and i want you to know that i promise to protect you with all my power. girl: is it too much to ask that when io say i love you for you to at least say it back?? ...babe i love you so much! Boy:... like i said.. i will protect you no matter what.. i would give my life for yours As the young couple continue on walking, the girl is spilling her heart to her two year long boyfriend.. girl:(does he even love me anymore? do i still show enough affection?)i know im young, but i... [Read More]

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Scard for life


13 Jan, 2010 07:17 PM

It all began 7 yrs ago when I met my ex boyfriend... dated him for 6 long years... until he broke off with me 2 days b4 he got married... it wasn't bad enough he had knocked me up and raped me when he was drunk ( i was only 17)but I had to get an abortion but also getting married to someone else whom I had no idea about..for 2 yrs I remained single..I felt like I could never love anyone again until I met the most amazing guy in my life... and taught me a diff way of loving and caring .. theres not a day where he doesnt see me or does anything to bring a smile on my face..Everything he does is for me just to see a smile on my face... but what does it do good when you feel like you don't deserve it... [Read More]

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My May December Affair


11 Jan, 2010 10:11 PM

i was 19 when i first met him.... weird to think, but he is already on his 55th years that time.... he was a tourist and i am a local girl who studied and working at the same time in a cigarette company as a push girl. August 21st...8:30pm i was standing at the back of a tall table in a convience store with a colleague when he approach me... he said "hi!" i said "hello!" and that its, he asked me what i am doing there i said i'm working then he asked for the product, to my surprise he bought a packs of cigarette so i reached my daily cot-ta then i made my ending report. We go for a dinner date together with my colleague at the Japanese restaurant, we ordered our food but he didn't eat because he said hes already ate he's dinner. And also... [Read More]

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is it True love?


11 Jan, 2010 07:28 PM

I met him online his name is Alex i didn't really think i would like him but we started talking more and more and we met and we fell in love but it felt like true love we both believed it was. we dated for 3 months i went to Europe over the summer and i dated another guy but i didn't do anything with him i came back from vacation and i couldn't keep that from him, i told him the truth because i loved him. but when i told him he got heart broken and we stopped talking for 2 months.them we started talking again and he told me he loves me still and i told him i love him.but he never tried to get me back he said he like other girls. I dated other guys but i would always think about our love we had and... [Read More]

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09 Jan, 2010 10:23 AM

I wanted to tell you i love you,But when i did you said that you will never love me cause im not beautiful or cute.I walked home and when i got there i was crying to myself with my head down thinking of what you said.That night as i looked at my self in my mirror i said i will never be as beautiful as those girls that hit on you i wish i was beautiful. Then that night she put music on so loud that no one would hear the bang of a gun shot and when her mother walked up the stairs she went to her daughters room and she saw her daughter with blood all around her with a note saying Im never gonna be beautiful so why live. Never do this to people it hurts them so bad.... [Read More]

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Broken Heart


09 Jan, 2010 10:22 AM

Heart Broken It was a fine afternoon when I was speaking to a close friend on msn , and she was telling me about this boy she liked and had found on Bebo and I asked her to show me him , and when she did I knew from that very moment I liked him , it was all kind of weird. I then added him as a friend, he accepted and it all started from there really! I told my close friend that I liked him, but she was not very happy with it, she had said that I stole him from her , like I was taking him away, but I wasn't we were just friends starting out then things had changed. I liked him a lot and it turned out he liked me too. But he felt so bad that there were two other girls in the... [Read More]

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