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A Ride to a Heartbreak


26 Jun, 2015 05:00 AM

A fool, I am! I've fell for the person I swore off to because I knew my best friend like him, and because he had loved her and still love her. Why did I have to go and break my own heart? My story will be long, but to understand it, you must read the next three paragraphs. And I surely hope that he don't ever read this. Let my memories serve me wrong, but from it, I remember being sexually abuse. Let my past serve me right, but from it, I become a villain. And villains don't get happy endings. Although I don't know if my memories are true, I remembered being sexually assault by no one but my family members, and it left me crippled because now I felt used, dirty, ugly and broken. I felt like I was the bad person in everything I did. I felt... [Read More]

Tags: Heartbroken, Survivor, Letting Go, Abuse, Self Harm, Longing, Stupidity, Missing
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21 Apr, 2013 11:22 AM

She lies there staring aimlessly at the roof as silent as the dead night itself, she try's to figure out why he left, she try's to figure out a reason for him not being here she wants to know why, she is listening to her breathing to distract herself from letting that familiar sour salty tasting water drip from her vibrant pale blue eyes, but the memories just get flooding in past her barriers and walls she has built so high over the past year, the memories of the times she spent with the boy she loved, all the walks along the beach, all the times he gave her his jacket when she was cold, all the times he would make her smile. She cant remember the last time she smiled, nobody can, her friends that have become strangers, her parents that have now become intruders in her home. Her... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Love Hurts, Love Story, Lonely, Sad, Sadness, Sad Love, Inlove, Longing, Missing, Memories
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First, Last and Only Kiss

Will Small

18 Dec, 2011 12:59 AM

There was once a young man who was in love. It was the same old story; he loved a girl who he knew from school. He loved her for years and they were close, talking on the phone well into the night several times a week, but they did not hang out together a whole lot. Then as the boy got older they started running with the same crowd, he was happy at first, until she started dating someone else, and of course he was friends with the other guy. Life went on, for our hero was used to being in love with her but not having her. So one day her boyfriend and she were having problems and he went on a family vacation for two weeks and the relationship was left up in the air while he was gone. So our protagonist took the opportunity and told her... [Read More]

Tags: Young Love, Heartache, Longing, Unloved, Memories, Missing
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4 years


21 Jun, 2011 11:53 AM

There once was a girl, who had dreamed all her life about finding her soul mate. She was the worlds biggest hopeless romantic, always dreaming about love at first sight; the kind of love that happens when you look at someone and time around you freezes. The only thing that is in your line of vision is that person, and vice versa. She'd been in many relationships, which didn't really last long, seeing that she was only 13. One of the relationships was really special, though. But it wasn't meant to be, and after they broke up, she was devastated. But she vowed that she would keep searching for that one special person. She dated another boy after that who used her. She was so distraught that she didn't see that he was just using her sexually. It brought back flash backs of when her father raped her, which was... [Read More]

Tags: 4, Years, Romeo, Juliet, Forbidden, Love, Distance, Longing, Angst
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i didn

Shiela Castro

08 Jan, 2010 03:50 AM

it happened 6 years ago. i was forced to spend the summer at my aunt's island beach resort. i never liked going there for i find it boring. that summer i went with some of the guests to the island. when he got down from the car that took them to the port, i held my breath. he was by far the most breath-taking creature i have ever seen. on the boat ride he kept glancing my way (i know this 'cause i was staring at him through my dark sunglasses.) he had amazing blue eyes. and that changed my thoughts about my summer being boring. he was on vacation with his father. he was three years older than me. and we spent a lot of time together. His father told me he (the guy i like) liked me too, but a great language barrier kept us from talking too... [Read More]

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