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A Ride to a Heartbreak


26 Jun, 2015 05:00 AM

A fool, I am! I've fell for the person I swore off to because I knew my best friend like him, and because he had loved her and still love her. Why did I have to go and break my own heart? My story will be long, but to understand it, you must read the next three paragraphs. And I surely hope that he don't ever read this. Let my memories serve me wrong, but from it, I remember being sexually abuse. Let my past serve me right, but from it, I become a villain. And villains don't get happy endings. Although I don't know if my memories are true, I remembered being sexually assault by no one but my family members, and it left me crippled because now I felt used, dirty, ugly and broken. I felt like I was the bad person in everything I did. I felt... [Read More]

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02 May, 2013 02:45 AM

It was 2011. I was in 8th grade and I had just left a dreadful summer. The bell rang and school was out. Now going to sonic after school was a cool thing to do and so I did it. I saw you sitting there. Wondering if you noticed me or even recognized me from summer. We sat there. As awkward as two people can be. Had a few chuckles here and there. Then we exchanged numbers and went on our way. Starting that day I had a new texting buddy. You were such an amazing texter. Keeping our conversation going and bringing life to them. We started hanging out at the Amphitheater and slowly I grew onto you like a vine twisting and hooking it's self to a rail or wall. Now I didn't have any intentions on letting you become the biggest thing in my life but you... [Read More]

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Love of my life

D man

28 Aug, 2010 06:05 AM

This all happen at December 12 2009, I haven't been on msn in awhile but I had this girl who I didn't know until I asked "who is this" and she replied "im the girl you met on Canada day". We started talking but what sucked was another guy liked her too,nooo.... I didn't give up, I wanted to fool around and keep this one. So I got her and I ended up losing my friend which freaking sucked. Anyways it was basketball season and I had a game at her school, I got to see her, she was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. During the game I got the ball and drived it in and was fouled hard and was slammed to the ground, I was in pain and instead of looking all hurt I looked at her and right away I saw her run and got... [Read More]

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