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21 Apr, 2013 11:22 AM

She lies there staring aimlessly at the roof as silent as the dead night itself, she try's to figure out why he left, she try's to figure out a reason for him not being here she wants to know why, she is listening to her breathing to distract herself from letting that familiar sour salty tasting water drip from her vibrant pale blue eyes, but the memories just get flooding in past her barriers and walls she has built so high over the past year, the memories of the times she spent with the boy she loved, all the walks along the beach, all the times he gave her his jacket when she was cold, all the times he would make her smile.

She cant remember the last time she smiled, nobody can, her friends that have become strangers, her parents that have now become intruders in her home. Her school grades falling faster than an avalanche her appearance is deteriorating faster than a dead corpse itself. she cant find a reason. It tears her apart the more she thinks about it, but the problem is her mind is still stuck in the same place as her tormented heart, the same heart he drove a stone cold dagger through the day he left in silence, not telling her where he was going why he was leaving her or if he would ever be back, he was gone, gone without a single trace. This girl is in pain, she is torn apart inside, she is deteriorating from the heart out. This girl is upset, sad and lonely. This girl is alone, cold and miserable in a place nobody should ever be in. Her heart is broken into millions of pieces that have all shattered in to a million pieces in a million different directions, she is unfix-able.

Every morning is a fight to find the power and reasons to get out of bed. Everyday life has slowly and painfully become her worst enemy. This girl is in desperate need for answers as to why he inst standing next to her. This girl has become a monster to herself. This girl is tearing herself apart slowly and painfully, this girl is miserable in her own skin. This girl is heartbroken. this girl has let her family and friends watch her deteriorate over the past year that has dragged on like nobody would ever know. This girl has searched and searched. This girl isn't finished searching. This girl is me.

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Noah says:
04 Aug, 2013 01:48 PM

That's so sad and I can relate to this so much

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Kelly Olaye says:
05 Aug, 2013 05:08 PM

I feel ur pain, cos am human nothin last 4eva, dey only last 4 a lifetime.evry relationship is a test wen u learn how 2 rise wen u fall.dey re experiences u nid 2 move on.dont let ur heart control ur head rada let ur head control ur heart.allow JESUS

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