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Is It Love or Not


04 Jan, 2010 03:51 PM

Well I Met Him 2 years ago at the pool. he was gorgeous but he started to date my cousin, then broke up with her. we were very good friends...he would smile and blush every time someone said my name. well he stopped talking to me for about 6 months then came back around valentines and asked me if I wanted to be his valentine. I said yes, he took pictures of us and glued them to a bored with i love you hearts and etc. HE ALSO PUT ROSES, REAL ROSES ON IT!!! it was so sweet but on Valentine night i almost got in a really bad car accident. he was at his friends when i called him crying, cause i was so scared he rushed to his house and i was waiting for him he hugged me tight and we stood like that for well over a hour then he told me he loved me. i told him it too. we spent months together even snick out he didnt kiss me once!!! my cousin came back and he was all over her not even thinking about me. well he kept kissing her even though she has a boyfriend well they hung out a lot then she left...he talked to me for a week and then blew me off three times then stopped talking at all. its been 5 months since we last talked. i love him with all my might but im not sure its love anymore i think he's toying with me and using me to get to my cousin............i've fallen into a depression and no one is helping me i've even had a few suicide thoughts i don't want to let him go but he isn't even mine. please help!!!

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lialy says:
05 Jan, 2010 01:05 PM

you have to forget him , becouse he is not the suitable person for you , as you said he is toying with you , not anymore. anyway , you have to look around you may you wll find another one , whom really loves you , wish you good luck.

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Aryan says:
17 Jan, 2010 10:48 PM

if you realy wanna know how to solve your life mystery, den contact me via email at killercomputer(@)yahooo dot com.
dun worry i will not charge you anything or need anything from you.

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Prasad says:
26 Jan, 2010 09:47 PM

Hi Monique,
I know its hard to forget the one you love but, i can say keep the faith dont walk away from reality & try to begin life again, Life is beautifull, just change ur vision & u will learn to live. Sucide is not solution its the symbol of loosers. God always help those who are Positive. I know its easy to give comment or suggest someone but its really hard to follow. But do belive me its just the matter of time.
Because now u just learn what is Love, Love is like life where every step is not easy, but still everyone Live & hope that they will get out of it.
For every relationship Fidelity is important for both, else relation never last only memory forever.
I know ur strong Girl & get out of it. Because lialy Aryan & me gave u comment & we all have positive hopes from u.
We want You to live life Best & show who u are, i know u can bring it!
Contact me anytime i m always there :)
Your Friend,

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araceli says:
01 Feb, 2010 12:44 PM

heyyyyyyyyy man just forget him if he is just using you dude dont ever take your life away for a boy it is not worth it contact me whenever

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deanna says:
15 Feb, 2010 05:20 PM

Well this is a very sad story no one should havee to go thru this.I knoe one thing and that's to NEVER go this hard over a guy bcuz if u love someone and they don't love u back...just forget about them bcuz there is someone else somewhere in thee world that loves u more then u could think of.Suicide is not thee answer either 2 ppl in my family have done suicide bcuz of lovee and it helped no one at all.if u wannna talk about this further contact me at

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Erin says:
15 Apr, 2010 05:46 PM

Forget him. If he uses you like that then he doesn't deserve you.

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Muhammed says:
29 Aug, 2010 06:43 AM

Forget . . .it's life and i know it's hard . . . nas u can don't be sad :)

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Ash says:
01 Jul, 2011 04:21 AM

Well Huny I think you have to move was a year ago what happened now ?

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sumit says:
04 Aug, 2011 10:52 AM

i know u can not forget him becoz love happened in over lyf only once n in the rest lyf we can not love anyone//

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