Once loved not now


04 Mar, 2010 08:35 PM

It was a rainy day in September me and my girl friend went to a movie, we sat all through the movie holding hands. We felt the same way about each other, 3 years passed now in my senior year in high school. I thought me and my girl friend were going to live our life together forever..... one day I received a text message saying " my love for you has failed my apologies, but we have to go our separate ways. live your life without me and be happy......" that nearly killed me. Years passed after sharing a long life as a friend with my ex- she died. my friend was now gone the only girl I ever love and the first and still the last. a journal was read at her funeral it was from high school saying " i loved him and still do i broke... [Read More]

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The love of my life let me down......

ashley condivence

03 Mar, 2010 11:19 AM

One day I was outside my house.... it was a nice summer day on '09 A boy named Brandon came up to me and said hey my name is Brandon than I said hi my name is Ashley....... when I saw him, I feel in love with him even when I first saw him....... we were going out for 3 months until one day he told me he would never leave me. i thought about it for a minute, and I did trust him with my life, he would always hug me until it was valentine day. I got a text from him saying..... Ashley are you up? i texed him back "yeah, hey baby happy valentines day"..... he replyed back saying...... we cant be toghter any more........ i cant take it im sorry but i will always love you..... i broke out with tears crying the whole day and... [Read More]

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undestined love...


27 Feb, 2010 09:17 AM

people reading this story may think that its not right and i understand that too....but that did not stop me from falling in love with one of my students. i was 25 years old when i started teaching in high school. i was teaching Ukrainian language. it was my first year teaching in high school and i was very nerves. when i applied for the job, they told me the same thing that i was "young and unexperienced." but since they really need the teacher, they hired me. the first day a group of boy walked in loud giving each other high-fives and laughing. i told them couple of times to take there seats as i was standing in front of the room waiting for everyone to arrive. as i said it the 3rd time one of the guys looked at me and he continued to stare and i could... [Read More]

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24 Feb, 2010 11:19 AM

There once was a girl(lea) and a boy(Casey), they loved each other very much.. they went to the park every day and hung out.. laughing about their screw ups at school that day.. they held each other, kissed each other, Lea loved Casey so much. One day she got a text from Casey asking to meet at the usual place(park). Lea replied ok.. and after school she walked nervously to the park.. Lea got there and found Casey sitting on the bench. She asked what was wrong.. Casey replied "no, i just wanted to see you" Casey hands her a teddy bear.. every day Casey and Lea would go to the park Casey would give Lea a teddy bear.. so Leas room was full of Teddy Lea gave Casey a hug and said"thanks ill put it with all the other ones" Casey gave Lea a kiss and said they are... [Read More]

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The story of a lifetime


21 Feb, 2010 08:44 PM

I'm going to start over again. I'm going to make this story short. I don't remember the time when we first met, but I do know it was only a short time when he was with me. The sorrow we been through together and the time we shared together--they all seemed so short. When I think about it, it's already gone. My name is Susan and I woke up today as usual. I look to the side of my bed today and hoped he was there, but...he wasn't. Later I said to myself, "Oh...right....he's not here anymore." 5 years ago, he was still with me. He was the only person to have ever understood my feelings best and always sees through my lies. I thought we won't be able to last long, but we lasted for a looong looong time. Even now we are still together.From time to time I... [Read More]

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Without Your Love


21 Feb, 2010 11:31 AM

A girl and a boy are driving home from the movies. They girl asks him to pull over; they need to talk. They boy has sinced something was wrong because of the painful silence they shared that evening. The boy pulled over and turned to the girl. The girl says "I think its time to go our seperate ways" The boy, heartbroken, desperately asks "Don't you love me anymore?" The girl says softly "no" The boy pulls out a note he had wrote the night before and hands it to her. At that exact moment a drunk driver comes speeding down the road and crashes into the car, killing the boy. The girl, miracously survives. Remembering the note, she pulls it out and reads it. "WITHOUT YOUR LOVE I WOULD DIE"... [Read More]

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my graved love


20 Feb, 2010 09:34 AM

it was the 31st january when i first met him. He was the most shy person iv ever seen. The first second iv talked to him , i felt in love with him. I couldn't dare to look at him when i was with my bf , or even when i was alone . I made my bf dump me because i didn't want him to say that i dump him for another guy.We used to talk everyday & every night. I finally took a shot and talked to him in school. Days past and we got used to stay together everyday. We were the cutest couple ever & everybody talked about how great we were. I didn't had a birthday because of my grades,but my friends made me a surprise party and got me a pink cellphone.I got happy , but the principle reason is that HE came. It... [Read More]

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true love


19 Feb, 2010 07:30 AM

one day a girl and a guy were speeding over 100 mph on a deserted road on a motorcycle. girl: slow down we're going to fast. i'm scared! guy: come on dont worry. i know what i'm doing. you're having fun right? girl: NO! please stop. i'm really scared! guy: then tell me you love me girl: I LOVE YOU! now please slow down. guy: give me a hug. *girl gives hug* guy: can you help me out here? take my helmet off and put it on you? it's bugging me. in the paper the next day... a motercycle has crahsed into a building due to break failure. two people were found but only one survived. truth... half way down the road, the guy relized that his break broke. he didnt want to let the girl know. instead, he had her say she loved him and felt her hug one... [Read More]

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19 Feb, 2010 12:36 AM

ako ay isang masayahing babae na nakatira sa las pinas isang palaban ,palabiro,makulit,laging pinapatawa ang mga nakakasama.Pero ang di nla alam ako ay my tinatagong kalungkutan sa aking puso na ako lang ang nakakaalam ng lahat gusto ko sanang ibahagi ito para kihit papano ay maibsan ang aking konting kalungkutan sa aking buhay.Ang aking ikukwento sa inyo ay ang aking tunay na karanasan bilang isang batang maagang nawalan ng isang ulirang ama at mapagmahal. Nung akong nasa 4th year high school sa bayan ng Las Piñas at 15 years lod palang tatlo kaming magkakapatid at ako ay pangalawa nkami ay isang larawan ng masayang pamilya na kahit kylan ay hindi pinag-aawayan ang pera pero kming magkakapatid ay nagkakatampuhan lmng at hidi naman nagtatagal syempre sa isang pamilya di mo maiiwas ang ganyang pangyayari lalong lalo na sa mga magkakapatid. Noong october 2006 nag simula nang mabago ang aking buhay dahil... [Read More]

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another chance??


14 Feb, 2010 11:20 PM

it was at my softball game when my phone rings it was a text msg from one of my realy good friends from sunday school he need to ask me something i said okeyy he said would wanna go out with me i said HEACK YA!!!! ones we were one i knew or so i thought we would last only a couple of days but then day became into weeks and weeks into months and i did see it coming but it was month 2 and i ask him you don't really like me watch your going to dump me really soon!! he said why would i do that I LOVE YOU and even though it was just throw a text msg i thought it was romantic and to a few more months went by and he text me during class to come into the hall so i did he... [Read More]

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