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The End


22 Jul, 2011 12:21 AM

It was a random Sunday afternoon, as usual I had just waken up just like I do every weekend (mainly because on the weekends I have no school). My mom and I were sitting downstairs on the two separate couches we had down there, my mom on the sofa and me on the loveseat, watching TV. A commercial had came on when my mother got a call from the person from court saying that my father hadn't shown up for his court hearing thingy. She must have thought this call was a conversation a 13 year-old shouldn't be hearing, so , as usual, she slipped through the sliding, glass, back door peering through the glass at me as she continued to chat away on the phone.
I could faintly hear the conversation when the parts of the show were real quiet, though they were only tidbits I heard. She came back in to the room so quietly that if it weren't for the noise and the obvious transparency of the door I would have never noticed.
Everything was quiet except for the TV and the sound steady breathing, there was no car horns, no police sirens, barely even a clocks tick. When my mother received a text on her phone...
It took forever for her to respond to it, from her face I could tell something bad had happened( I always had a nack for noticing things).
After what seemed like a year down in Hades she said,"Alicia, come sit down next to me," and she gestured towards the empty spot next to her on the sofa as she shut off the TV. I had the gut feeling I knew what the text said, so I retorted, an attempt to lighten the mood,"Dad tried to kill himself again, huh?" I didn't think she would just look back at me without smiling or anything, for my mother was a very strong independent self-made woman and I didn't and never want to see her like that again, because I knew what I had just said as a failed attempt to be a little humorous, might and probably was true.

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i love you says:
27 Aug, 2011 05:10 PM

wtf that was weired

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Gaby says:
13 Sep, 2011 06:55 PM

Did he kill himself?

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shorty_01 says:
02 Nov, 2012 09:52 PM

So what actually happened? I'm soo confused!

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