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The End


22 Jul, 2011 12:21 AM

It was a random Sunday afternoon, as usual I had just waken up just like I do every weekend (mainly because on the weekends I have no school). My mom and I were sitting downstairs on the two separate couches we had down there, my mom on the sofa and me on the loveseat, watching TV. A commercial had came on when my mother got a call from the person from court saying that my father hadn't shown up for his court hearing thingy. She must have thought this call was a conversation a 13 year-old shouldn't be hearing, so , as usual, she slipped through the sliding, glass, back door peering through the glass at me as she continued to chat away on the phone. I could faintly hear the conversation when the parts of the show were real quiet, though they were only tidbits I heard. She came... [Read More]

Tags: Loss, Heartbreak, Deppression, Death, Family, Mother
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