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jessica rose

09 Oct, 2010 04:37 AM

to be honest i don't know where to begin or where to end but i do know one thing i'm in love .... i was in love with a boy called jacvob we was in a serious relationship but he wasn't paying any attention to me :/ so i started cutting myself because i knew he was in love with someone else :'(!! he said he wanted to speak to me i was nervous he took me to the place were we had our first kiss he started saying i'm not good enough for him and i'm too ugly to be with him and he hated my guts a tear ran down my face i closed my eyes he kissed me on the cheek i opend my eyes he was gone and he took everything with him it was like he took my soul away. because when he left i lost a part of me i stayed in my house for a whole month crying and confused thinking that i was actually ugly and fat no one could convince me to let him go i loved him i gave him everything and it wasn't enough to make him stay maybe if i could of rewind time and not have fell in love with him maybe i wouldn't be so crushed right now :/ but falling in love with jacob micheal petch ,cutting my wrists , trying to commit suicide was i need my biggest mistake i could go on for days and days what he put me through when he left he broke my heart into a million pieces with only mr mates to stick it back together but i ahve a couple of things to say you can only break someone's heart so many times before it's permanently broken the same as mine every day in school i have to look at his precious face i get home and reach for my knife i'm in love and i don't care what anyone says even if they only say im 13 ....every night before i go to sleep i say to myself WHEN FOREVER IS THROUGH,ILL BE OVER YOU<33

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Melissaa says:
12 Oct, 2010 07:30 AM

OMG darl!
First of all, id just like to say, That having a broken heart will in the end make you a stronger person!
And i dont care what ANYONE else says, hes a dog that needs to grow up and start treating girls with some dingity and respect.
You are beautiful, and no im not going to ssay in your own way, im going to say you are beautiful you are beautiful inside, and you are beautiful outside, and cutting yourself will only help for awhile, i know you feel like the knife is the only thing that actually knows your pain, i've been there, i know what happens, and trust me, once your in hospital because you've lost about 200 ml of blood, your whole perspective of life changes, this BOY is nothign but a fase and you will get over him, when you see him next go up to him and say "OI MATE, YOU SAY IM NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR YOU, YOU SAY IM NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU, WELL YANO WHAT, YOU ARE THE PERSON THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR ANYONE, IF YOU CAN TELL SOMEONE THAT THEYRE NOT PRETTY ENOUGH FOR SOMEONE, OR NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR SOMEONE THEN YOU REALLY ARE A HEADCASE, GO GET YA HEAD FIXED MATE!"
Trust me, it helps once you take the anger out, and if you cant seem to yell at him, write it all down, instead of a blade to your skin, how about a pen to paper?
Try it, and btw, im 13 aswell. I know how you feel x

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Chelei Solo says:
12 Oct, 2010 10:51 AM

reading this story really broke my heart..
it brought tears to my eyes.

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meme says:
12 Oct, 2010 03:49 PM

NOOO!!!dont cut yourself...come on 13 too..u can fall in love at any age...but u shouldnt do that to yourself...u might be in live with him..but u also need to forget him..dont let him rule your life...if a guy call u fat and ugly-that aint a good guy...he dont desevere a person who love him so much...i just got to tell u to move on..if u do u will find so much better than him...come on u still young..there still alot guy out there..just move on..and try to find a better guy..GOOD LUCK,AND PLEASE DONT CUT URSELF ANYMORE!!!TAKE CARE EMILY!!!xoxo

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Isabella says:
13 Oct, 2010 10:08 AM

i know how you feel..someone not liking you but you still like them...except in my case it was a little diffrent..i am also 13 but i have to tell you something..even thougth it hurts soooo much.. dont resort to cutting and trying to kill your self because one day you will find somebody that loves you for who you are....but how can you find him if you dead? you dont waist you time trying to kill your self for someone that wouldent even care if you died......we can talk whenever:) love isabella

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rionne says:
13 Oct, 2010 04:20 PM

Oh, Girl...
Don't think of it too much..maybe it's just a challenge from God and he just wanted u to find the right guy for u..Maybe ur not meant to be..

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mehnaz says:
15 Oct, 2010 12:18 AM

dont b so harsh on ur self , its not ur fault dat he dumped u dont think dat u r not pretty cuz even if i didn't see u but i know dat ur soul is pretty n its jacobs mistake dat he cud never c ur pretty soul n soon he'll regret of dumping u cuz he lost da most beutiful thing he had

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elvis says:
15 Oct, 2010 05:31 PM

wow now thats sad

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Jessica says:
17 Oct, 2010 06:24 PM

Im soo sorry to hear, I KNOW you will find someone who will be truthful to you and will always be there <3

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stephnjenna says:
18 Oct, 2010 06:55 AM

grow the f**k up. your 13

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Lauren says:
19 Oct, 2010 05:33 AM

Stephnjenna she may be 13 but she could of had nuff experience to fall in love have some respect fool ,,, And for the person that wrote this,, this boy is obviously a dumb prickk that doesn't know how to treat girls,, don cuytt yoursekff itt wontt helpp ,, i;m 13 aswellxx

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casper says:
08 Oct, 2012 02:49 PM

jessica rose

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