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Thank you guys, for all the advice and help. It really helped me. :)
Everything worked out, me and jeremy are friends now, and chris and I are together and happy. But i've done some bad things, and i dont know what to do about them :S Chris is so much better then jeremy, but i cant help but feel that twinge of pain everytime i see him, that bit of love i still have for him. </3 I guess i love both of them.
OMG darl! First of all, id just like to say, That having a broken heart will in the end make you a stronger person! And i dont care what ANYONE else says, hes a dog that needs to grow up and start treating girls with some dingity and respect. You are beautiful, and no im not going to ssay in your own way, im going to say you are beautiful you are beautiful inside, and you are beautiful outside, and cutting yourself will only help for awhile, i know you feel like the knife is the only thing that actually
Well jeremy and I have gotten some what closer yet more distant in a way. We did have another fall out, but it feels like he still cares. I could write another story if you guys want :S
OMG! D: I know EXACTLY how you feel !!! I believe you should forgive him, even though he hurt you, he was like your bro. If you read my story then youd know im basicly in the same postion as you.. Sometimes we have to ask if they are ok and if WE can help them in anyway? Maybe get your GF to get one of her girls to meet up with him, yano, try and hook him up with someone so he doesnt feel alone, i dunno, but it could help ? Goodluck x


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