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Fate Against Me

Lichen Bung Rai

19 Sep, 2010 03:50 AM

I was a river of sorrows, time and tides made me a sea and now the fate has gone against me so it made me an ocean of sorrows. You might be thinking that water flows in my ocean of sorrows. But you are wrong, only the tears flow in it. I always swim in the ocean of tears and collect all the sorrows that god has given me as the gift. Have you ever seen a person born just to suffer the sadness and the pain? Your answer might be NO. But you can see me just suffering all the sadness, sorrows and pain that exist in this entire world. Why do you know? Because the almighty god is against me. It hurts too much when dreams broke like the glasses. I had experienced it and dropped silent tears from my eyes.
Alas! I can do nothing. I am stressed and depressed. God's eyes fell only on me, so he chose me to suffer all the pains. I am suffering from tuberculosis, my chest has become full of holes and smokes. Due to this i couldn't go my dream country. At that time my tears flowed from my eyes nearly making a river of tears.
But now, what is this? what am i hearing? Oh! god i am suffering from lung cancer. Why god? why? why? why all the pains are just for me? Every one has gone away from me. My fate, my friends, my desires, my dreams and even my love.
Oh! god take me with you. I want to fulfill your desire. I don't want to live with selfish and mean people in this awful world. Please, take me to you. I don't want to see my dying soul and braking heart. Now i m always suffering below the blue sky,and just waiting to die. So god please,take me with my chained soul.
At last i would like to write this poem for my beloved who had left me when i was in the cave of death, in the way of darkness and taking my last breathe.......
You are twinkling as star,
In the entire blue sky.
But your shadow,
Is in my black eye.
I am yours,
But you couldn't be my.
Because you are a star,
which is extremely high.............

Tags: Sorrow, Sad, Lost
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amar dev rai says:
19 Sep, 2010 03:58 AM

when i read this story nearly tears fell from my eyes. lichen you really deserve to be a ...........................

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danny says:
01 Oct, 2010 10:50 AM

Wow. That is really depressing. You deserve better.

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