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Biggest mistake


19 Sep, 2010 12:20 AM

It started three years ago when I first met her. She was just an everyday classmate. And once in a while I would say hi. Or I would just have some laughs with her. She wasn't all pretty. But I still kinda liked her. Then the next year when we all came back, I was amazed. She turned into an angel and from there I knew I would always be in love with her. During the school year we got to talk more and stuff. Then I stupidly asked her out. She said no and I lied and said it was a bet. But as the days passed we talked again and we got to like each other even more. Then one day she txted me asking me how much I liked her. I asked why. And so she said nevermnd and left a little depressed emte like this- V.V- I told her I liked her slot and she said she THINKS she likes me. I was ecstatic over this. It was a dream come true. So then I tried asking her out and she said to look up a song called Bulmic by The Used. The lyrics made me die. She basically wanted to say I was a waste of her time and that I should never talk to her. Then the next day she told me she was sorry and that she didn't mean to "say" that. She told me she wasn't sure. Desperate I called her friend like
twenty times and asked her for help. She said that if I asked her out in person she would say yes. So I did and just like she said the girl of my dreams said yes. It was a nice relationship. I was really happy and overjoyed. Then after about two weeks one of my friends says that her ex boyfriend wanted her back. And that he said she would leave me any day for him. I told her and she said she really needed to talk to me. So we meet up at the library And we go out front and hang out. She gave me my first kiss and old me after twenty time consuming minutes she sad she was brewing up with me for her ex.I didn't have much of an answer. I buried my face in my arms and just started to think. I thought about all the thugs she told me, and how she said she'll always love me more than I love her. But the next day I'm all of a sudden a revolting monster she doesn't want to be in the same class in. I asked if we could still be friends but she said she hated me and I was a fag. It was on and off. She would txt me and we would actually talk to each other. And sometimes she just acted like she hated me. But one day I asked er if she ever loved me she said no. I'm a loser. And it was a game. Hurt and outraged I called her a bitch. Slut wh-re and I just went off.. I regretted it all. But it was too late. It was all said and done.. I only said it out of rage fueled by no sleep.. Also for the fact that playing with my emotions is funny to her?! I was pissed..I loved her and she just toys with my heart,breaks it, and doesn't even Tell me why... Soon afterwards school started again and everyday I see her precious face my heart drops, the memory floods my mind, and when. I get home I reach for my knife... I'm in love and I don't care what anyone says even if they say m only 13..

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Jose says:
19 Sep, 2010 12:22 AM

Freaking keyboard spelled stuff wrong. Brewing was supposed to be breaking

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Jose says:
24 Sep, 2010 08:33 PM

and im sure i started to cut myself after i met her. i picked it uo frim her cause she told me it made the pain feel better

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meme says:
26 Sep, 2010 05:11 PM

awwww...that 13 too..i think u shouldnt do that with the knife thingy...i think u should move on...she might look and sometime act like an angel..but,she dont deserve a guy..who is so sweet..and really love me it seem u to good for her..come on cheer up..ur right girl is out there somewhere..

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Taya Mariaa says:
01 Oct, 2010 06:40 PM

Awwwe, Sweetheart. I'm 13 too, I used to cut. And I've been threw alot of shit like this in my life. I love how emotional you are and if you ever want to hear any of my stories I'll tell you everything. I'm a poet, So it helps.
I hope things get better. Add me on msn <3

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kayla says:
03 Oct, 2010 09:19 AM

i LOVE u

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jailine says:
09 Oct, 2010 07:59 AM

omg don't cut yourself thats the baddest way to relieve your pain...if u love her let her go iuf she comes back she was always urs if not she never was : \ here's me email cuz i think u truly was nlove with her

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Pie says:
28 May, 2011 05:45 AM

Dude, don't cut yourself. It's not good. I'm 11, I cut myself, and now my parents don't trust me. Don't let that ***** get in the way of your life.

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