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hey..i been with the same problem like u had..but u cant let urself cry over someone like that..cause there is another boy out there who would want to make u happy..and smile alots..reading ur story made me cry..boys like that are never worth the tears..i know u must love him alots..but u gotta let him u can move on and find a wayyyy better boy that treat u right!!ok but i know it take time to hope u get better soon ok! p.s-SMILE!!!!!!!and Be happy!!!!(that my quote)
awwww...i know the pain ur going through..but u gotta eat and you gotta be better..and live ur life...she is up there watching over you..i think she be wanting u to smile not cry,but to not die,but to live..u gotta live ur life..or she will be up there,thinking it part of her fault..get ur act together..try to live the life..that she want u too..and that u should be doing GOOD LUCK!
awww..if chris is better than jeremy...maybe u have to let go of the part that love sorry,but that how love is..u gotta pick one then hurt the other one..even tho u dont mean too..for that pain u have when u see him..just try to smile....but if u do love both of them..listen to ur heart..which one of them make ur heart jump?which one make u more happy? well,this is my advise or something like that not sure it going to help..but i do wish u GOOD LUCK AND THE BEST! take care,xoxoxoxo so sorry for your lose..dont blame yourself,your father wouldnt want you to do that..i hope your family doing ok
awww..that is so not your me,it aint...but if u really really love her fight for her..but if u dont feel like taking that chance just try to talk to her..and hold down those tears..swallow up ur fear..and try talking to her again


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