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Mike part 2.....


03 Jul, 2018 04:29 AM

well,this time things are completely different from the first story I made about him.

We had broken up,and he was with someone else well he left her and we got back together, well after we got back together me and him took my roommates wife up to Ohio for her brothers funeral and durning that time frame I gotten kicked out because I was with my boyfriend. we stayed in Ohio for three weeks and then it took us about a week or more to get back to California we got stuck in every state with no money it was just horrible.

when we got back to Cali, we stayed at his friends trailer in Duggian we helped her move the trailer to second beach in KL, well after that happened things started to go sour,he started accusing me of so much things that I wasn't even doing I was with him 24/7 homeless and had nothing on my phone but Facebook and messanger I was not allowed to talk to my guy friends I was not allowed to talk to my son father without him being present I was not allowed to wear shirts that had boobs out. he controlled everything not too mention he would take my phone anytime he want and go through it even when I was sleeping.

He started getting worse and worse because well for one he was addicted to Crystal meth and if he didn't have it he flipped out not to mention it was very dangerous being with him because he was scared of the cops. and one night he had smoked but he was hungry and he was very irritated and I was on the bed taking my shoes off because we had just gotten back and he comes up to me stomps his foot and says super loud what are you doing and I said I'm just taking my shoes off and he's like do you wanna fight and I'm like no i don't. and so he ended up making steak and Mashed potatoes at 2am and got mad when I fell back asleep after I ate.

The next day we had a huge talk about our relationship, and I told him I wasn't happy anymore and I don't know why but we ended up having sex and then we talked more and I said I was done well I started packing my clothes up and me and him were not on speaking terms and I asked him to drop me off at the church because my friend was picking me up he didn't know that and when I gotten in the car with him he was going 95 down a dirt road with a river beside it I thought I was gonna die and once I got their he told me to fuck off and I jumped in the car with my friend and left.

He has tried to contact me and recently he just got arrested for a ticket he didn't go to court for and once he was in their for a night and half a day he was calling and calling me. I haven't heared anything since and it's a relief he is one dangerous man.

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