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A Sad Story

Soumya vermani

19 Mar, 2018 07:40 PM

There was a boy named Aarav. He was like a cool guy and fell in love with a girl namedd Ruhani...They became friends after a friendship of three months they both felt addicted to each other in themselves.Aarav didn’t had the gutts to tell her about what he felt for her.Both were confused in their minds about what was that feeling they felt.

After some time Ruhani talked to Aarav and told him “Aarav! I think that i am being addicted to you, you know like i always want you to talk to me when i want to and whole day long we both have been chatting with each other and i think we both know each other pretty well,but i think its just not this addiction i feel that i have started liking you alot” she finally told him.He was so confused about what to react and say so he let it go in a sarcastic way and after some days he confessed about his feeling as well.

Both were soon in a relationship,they talked to each other all day long till late nights...Both were truly in love with each other and everything was going fine but suddenly some misunderstandings entered their life...A girl named Aashi was Aarav’s new classmate and they both soon became good friends and shared things with each other...Ruhani knew about their friendship and didn’t had a problem with that but she got to know some bad and very very cheap things about Aashi so she told Aarav to stay a bit away from her because she is not at all a nice person from heart she may show it from face but she is a really really cheap person...Aarav agreed to it....

After some time Ruhani got a proposal from a distant friend it was totally an unexpected one!! She obviously had to say a no to him!! Before she could explain all the matter about Ravi to Aarav,He got to know about it from somewhere else and he asked her to block him and ignore him totally. Ruhani asked him alot of times that why was he doing this???he just didn’t say anything and kept on saying that either leave him or leave me and in anger Ruhani said that she will kot leave Ravi at all because he was her friend and in a short time they both had come very close to each other.

Aarav in his ego and anger bursted out and said “Ok then bie forever and be happy with him...i had a great time with you bitch!” Soon Ruhani’s eyes were filled with tears she felt so shocked and she never thought that the guy she loved would ever say this thing even if he was very very angry..and with tears in eyes she asked him “Aarav!plz just tell me one last thing then you can go...are you doing all this because i am talking to Ravi and I don’t want to leave a friend like him????” She asked it Because she wanted Ravi to be in his life but obviously not at Aarav’s cost. Aarav has always been her first priority.

He replied “No not at all i was thinking and i felt that you don’t love me now and that is why i am doing this!!!” With tears in eyes,a heavy heart and with her ego she said “Ok then bie forever,Have a great life ahead and i hate you the mostt Mr.Aarav Gupta” They both just left...They still loved each other their friends tried that they both are together again but their efforts went in vain they both were in their ego even if crying like anything but moved on and with all those marks of tears on their face and a voice in the ears constantly asking them to go back to each other but they never ever looked back again...????

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