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My Love Story, Loved then Betrayed.

GāliLeō Mōhanty

06 Dec, 2017 09:36 PM

Phase I:
The story started at the year 2013 November. I was in 8th standard, Like every student I was having a dream. But tragedy knocks the door without any early notice. A girl of my junior batch was having a crush on me, she was so curious, unfamiliar that she used to write love letters to me, cute her hands, write letters with her blood and send me. All I could do was make her understand that this is attraction not love. But her friends and mine forced me to love her, we all know that at certain age we get scared of some freak tales, similarly I was scared. I thought if she kills herself then I'll be responsible for this, and eventually I accepted her proposal. I was in a forceful relationship, a commitment that I never wanted. Our relationship was fine, good and all fine for 6 months. On May 2014, on her birthday I surprised her but she was unokay with the surprise and insulted me infront of her friends and mine too, I was really disappointed with her and I was controlling my anger in any way. Then after a month we got caught by our parents, so I went to her house to settle things down but she stabbed me from behind, she confessed all the lies and the reason she did it because she is a girl and in a society everybody blames the girl first then the boy. But here her reason was somewhere dumped, rather I was blamed, I was insulted. Society was making stories, tales on my name. After this my parents could not tolerate this and they sent me to my uncle's house. I stayed there for 3 months away from my parents, each day was like pain, it was killing, the separation of a son from his mother, the separation of a brother from his sister, the separation of a child from his father, but ultimately I found that this is not the end. My life deserves a second chance so hence I moved on. But the scares that she gave me was like an experience. I tried to get focused on my future, my career but life got twist and turns.

Phase II:
April 2015, I went to stay at a hostel. I was in 11th standard. This was the time for summer course, I was being taught the further schedule and programs regarding 11th and 12th standard course. So basically it was the time we stay and adjust ourselves in the hostel so like further there won't be queries regarding staying at a hostel. I was in the class one evening, sitting at the last bench saw a girl sitting at the best bench. Like it was a first sight love, I felt like there is some kind of connection with her like I've seen her before. Then our summer course got over, I went back home And tried to text that girl. I requested her at Facebook and we chatted for a month and then we exchanged our numbers pinged in WhatsApp and chatting continues. After 2 months like we are so known to each other and the connection was true though. She was my childhood friend, we had a 14 years of friendship but never talked to each other. Now though we were doing. Then one day she attempted suicide, and I was taken to the principal chamber. They forced me to confess that I did something that she attempted suicide, but I was not having any connection with this case. Then I was beaten by the teachers and warden, they forced me to write undertakings. But the day she returned I was so happy to see her, that I stand without any fear for someone I have fallen. She smiled looking at me, I was too happy. Then she said that she didn't attempt suicide, she took too many medicines that reacted her and she lost her sense. But we were friends, Till then I never expressed my feelings to her. So then one day we got caught writing messages on a table where I used to sit at the day time and she at evening, with all my guts I surrendered myself to save her. I was suspended for 7 days and she was sent to her home for counselling. For next 7 days we talked more and in between that I confessed her my feelings for her, I expressed my Love. But she left it all on God depending on his decision. The day she went back to hostel I cried, said,"I don't have the guts to see you going away from me."
I used to maintain a diary, I write about my days, my experience, my thoughts, my captured moments. So one day I sent her my diary and she returned me after a month with a message. The message swept my heart, skipped a beat. The message lettered by her was confessing that she loves me and started it on the day I first ever cried and told her that I don't have the guts to see you going away from me. I was so happy, my heart filled with all joys that day I realised God exists, God believes in love. From that till 2017 november 15 was all okay. Then she left me saying that she don't have any feelings for me, saying that no trust on love, I was left all alone and heart broken.
On 20th-October 2015 my love story started and ended on 15th-November 2017. Why she left me if you want to know text me on 7008791739.

Every story have a end may be sad or may be happy ending. Mine was a sad ending because I failed to maintain a forcefull and my own wish relationship. I could say this was an experience which made me believe that life got twist and turns and love has different faces. But true love story has no ending. My love for her is eternal.

On day I will prove that from my entire life I've loved only one girl who made me believe in God. I'll prove that Love happens once. To love her I don't need herself, one sided love got it's own amazement.

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Dar firdous says:
11 Feb, 2018 02:09 PM

Heart broken

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dhriti suryavanshi says:
15 Feb, 2018 06:47 PM

Told u already bhai... Trst me if ur luv is true she'll b bck in ur life????????????

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Marina says:
19 Feb, 2018 11:32 AM

I loved a boy and he loved me back,but before a day i told him i will left my mbbs ,he leaved me with the note that mine marina wil b doctor,if u cannot study,get lost ,i hate u.i was surprised till now

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Awsume says:
20 Feb, 2018 03:32 PM

my love story is worst

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Leero says:
23 Feb, 2018 01:46 PM

I can feel you bro ????

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