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Sad story about love

Kasandra Gieffels

14 Nov, 2017 12:18 AM

There was once a girl who went though alot her family was not getting along she was depressed she just needed someone there for her she loved to help people she always selfharmed she had so many cuts on her body she tryed to kill her and her friend stopped her.

One day she meet this guy she feel in love with him they were both to shy to tell each other one day she texted him and said "I love you" and I wanna be with you and he feels the same way so he asked her out and and she said "of course" they were both happy...

After a few weeks...

They got in a fight he told her he hated her and never wanted to be with her so they broke up.

she said to herself "whatever I'm done with life"

she had a gun she almost pulled the trigger her ex sow up at her house and stopped her he said "what are you doing" she said "I'm killing myself you hurt me you broke my hurt"

he looked at her with tears in his eyes and he said "I love you I was just mad please don't do this" he took the gun from her she was crying he looked at her and said "I love you I will never hurt you will you go out with me again please" he pulled her close to her and hugged her.

She said "I will"...

They were together for a year one day he fond her cuts he said "babe please don't cut I love you way to much" one day they were going out for a date they got into a car the car they got hit big truck acaraccident.

she was hurt but not that bad and he was hurt really bad he he said to her "I love you if I die and you don't just know I love you and I will always love you your my everything babe please just know that"

she said "I love you to baby, I will always love you" they she said to him "I just wanna be with you and I will do anything just for that.

The boy died.

After she got out of the hospital the girl went home up to her room and pulled out a gun she pulled the trigger...

she had a note on her tablet her mom walked in and it said "I love you guys but i just wanna be with him I can't stand life without him"


Tags: Love, Death
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Angel Love says:
18 Dec, 2017 05:13 PM

wow that was amazing

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hgurhf uwe says:
05 Jan, 2018 03:26 AM

this was ass

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Fareedah says:
24 Jan, 2018 08:27 PM

Killing oneself ain't easy but some situations can push someone to the wall real hard.

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Lynneo jitiam says:
23 Feb, 2018 05:55 AM

omy.. how could you died for him? there are many handsome boy out there..

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Paige says:
22 Mar, 2018 06:01 PM

Omg I cried. I love this story and it’s not ass.

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