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Friends Disappear


03 Oct, 2017 08:08 AM

This based on a true story. Places, names and people had been changed to protect the identity of the characters.

Dear readers,
This story would be the first part in the series of three. Part two will come soon with your support. :) Hope you guys would enjoy this story!

This story is about a girl that plays a game with her friends. She thinks that everything is boring and nothing is meaningful to her in the game as she does the same thing in the game everyday. That was until she met someone that she actually considers as her brother. Although they only knew each other in that game, her friend is in the same school has him. However, as years past, he had not been online in the game and she feels left out. That was until she met someone.

Entered the game again, hung out with my same, old friends again... Same old routine, break stuff, get rich, get more friends. Boring, boring, and did I mention boring? Those were the only words to describe this game.

Well... until I met you.

We had some common friends, we hung out,talked,and played together. You'd let me cry on your virtual shoulder and let me fill you will the hate I am feeling about other things.

I gagged you with all my frustration and rage about things. But you didn't mind at all. You'd even lend me a listening ear at times when I'm feeling low.

A year of our friendship had past and we became so close that some of our friends started to ship us. They'd ask me if I was yours or something like that. But my reply would always be, "I'm too young." But It's true. You are three years older than me. Every time I told them this, I would get the same reply, "Age doesn't matter." I rolled my eyes immediately.

However, one day, you probably got fed up with this and had enough. Hence, you lied, saying, "She's my sister."

I immediately said "Yea" and pretended that I was your sister. Your friends took that lie, surprisingly. I could only smile in the real world but you could never see it. I hoped that you were grinning too.

However, my happiness was short-lived when it was finally the third year of our friendship. I rarely saw you online. At first, I thought that this was just because you were busy with your studies and other stuff. However, it had been 6 months and I still hadn't see you.

I felt like I had lost something really important at that time.

That was until I met him.

~Friends Disappear (Part 1)~

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Rose says:
02 May, 2018 02:45 AM

Wow! Our stories are nearly same ....Something same happened with me

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