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The love never dull


13 Sep, 2017 08:45 PM

First of all. I am extremely apologize for my bad english. But in the midst of this night. There is something that flow in my heart that makes me want to share my story, my real story !

I fall started to fall in love with this woman when she's was visiting my house because my sister is a good friend of her brother. That moment i was back from hang out with my lads. Once i step into my house. i sae a girl sitting on the sopha. she just so beautiful. i cant describe my feelings that moment. seems like all kind of blood flow in my vein pump up very fast to my deeper heart than a bullet train. When she was going to go home. im just standing in the front door. For the first time, im staring at a great creatures like that. A beautiful girl.

After few days, i cant forget that woman, i couldnt finish my meal, i cant do a lot of things. jusr thinking about her. i started to ask my sister for her contact. It tooks me few days jusr to chay her. My feelings that moment, nervous a lot. Im done with this game, the firsy move i made. "hey, do u want to be my girlfriend ? special ones. yes i admi it. i fall in love with you".

That moment I lost half of the oxygen in my body. I got the chat said "give me sometime". I start to knock my head on the wall and whispering to myself "what the fuck im done". On the late night at the same day. I cant sleep thinking of what i had done on that day. suprisingly, she text me. "you know what, i think i want to be your girlfriend". I am so happy. Nothing can describe my feelings that time.

I started to know her family, friends. Sometimes im proud to myself because i am easily adapt with her. without a license, i start learning how to drive a car from my fathe and at the age 13 i drove it to school. i feels like a most cool person in school. haha lmao. but her school just few kilometres from mine. Since she was became my special one, i pick up her at school every single day and sent her to school. sometimes we went to eat something or do a fun stuff before i send her home. But i aint worried because her mom knew it that her daugther with me. After 2 years, i am finished my high school and continue my study at the college where it is 500 km from my hometown, from her. But hell yeah! after 3 years. I did noticed that she was kindly act a little bit different. But because i am still in love with her. I didnt accused her anything. It almost 4 years. It was third semester where everything change my life. That moment was a semester break for 2 months. I keep texting her every single day just to have a date. But she always give me a reason, busy etc. I am kind of sad. I standing in front of her house for 4 hours waiting for her to be home. That 4 fucking hours her mom didnt invited me to enter the house. I was like an innocent person standing under a hot sunny weather. no actually i was in the car. I didnt know what she had bribe her mom about me.

Sadly, i got a text from this one guy. send me a selfie with my girlfriend and asked me to go home. my girlfriend doesnt want to meet me. That moment, my heart was like a saussage was chew by a bulldog. I was like... could feel it was bleeding inside.

My mother that noticed I wasnt home yet. pick uo me infront of her house. i was unable to drive. my body shaking. im speechless. After a week staying in my room. my mother drag me out. she brought me to the bathroom, and asked my brother to take a bath on me. I was completely like a disable person. But, i have my family. that is the main things make me strong until today. i sent back all of the stuffs that she had gave to me. I cried a lot. All i want thay moment just to be alone. I went to the beach alone every single morning. My deeper heart crying. it's been a long time i doesnt hear any news about her. But the love. it never get dull.

i wrote this story on 14 september 2017. I did officially break up on march 2016. Just want to share piece of my story. I just want to tell all of you readers. No matter how hurt you are, family always there trying to fix you.

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Pranab Biswas says:
26 Oct, 2017 06:19 PM

You are Right !
All girls are bearing a mono star mind which is not known to others .

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Leo says:
30 Oct, 2017 01:45 PM

So fucking sad!

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