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A one week affair


19 Aug, 2017 01:51 AM

Depression, loneliness and disappointment. These feelings had taken over my life and maybe if I had some form of love it would have comforted my weary soul.

We'd always spoken. You'd always lurked in my crowd and stood where the corner of my eyes could catch a glimpse of you. There you were ingrained in my subconscious.

So when I felt desolate and your familiar face reached out to me it made me think, think of you.
I kept battling my daily struggles, day after day, week after week, and month after month, but there you reappeared again.
One lonely night, I had a dream about your beautiful husky face. Your physique enchanted me and made me have one of the most soothing night rest I had not had in a long time.

From my subconscious you were brought to my conscious.
But you were miles away. In fact in another continent, so I only wished and went about my daily fights.
This school year was tough and the summer was approaching. You live 10 minutes away and I could finally have you in my full view and touch you.

When I got home, you showed interest in me. So much interest that my affinity for you started to develop and grow into something stronger. Love perhaps or something slightly less than love ?
You kissed me, I caught you staring at me, you wanted me so bad.
You gave me companionship and cured my depression.

I wanted to thank you and reciprocate my love for you so I kissed you back. I touched, kissed, and caressed your penis.
But you decided to hurt me when I showed you my love. You didn't speak to me or even want to be around me the day after. This hurts me deeply because I still have feelings for you as I am writing this ( 3 weeks later )
The next week I saw you again impressing on another girl.

The week after I heard you on a shared uber home when you were boasting to your friends about how your parents are out of town and you plan on impressing on a girl/ girls for that time ? You didn't even care that I was in the car. I laughed because I didn't want to seem bothered but really I looked Stupid and felt hurt.

Now here I am depressed because the guy I love doesn't love me back or like me even as a person ( thanks for uninviting me to your party ). I am lonely because I lost you and disappointed because I was looking forward to finally having someone, you, in my life.

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