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I miss you


15 Aug, 2017 01:28 PM

I miss you, I miss the way you smile, talk, laugh and even the way you look at me.

Evrytime you're near my heart beats fast without knowing the reason why. I suddenly ask myself if its love or an infatuation I just want to remember. I kept on missing you evryday. Not seeing you misses makes me miss you a lot. a kind of feeling that I never expected would happen. You make me smile evrytime you're near and giggle in my heart suddenly been felt. I hate you at first for reason that you will never be mine and i still get jealous by the moment you hold her hands and tell her how much she means to you. I may just be you're friend on the outside, but you'll never know what i really feel deep inside this heart of mine. I hate this kind of feeling that I've felt for you reasons that makes me miss you more and more. I may never see you in a while but you will always be in my heart waiting to be loved by you. I wish I never meet you so that my heart won't chase for you. You are the kind of guy that makes my heart angry but loved at the same time. I don't know the reason why I miss you so much and why I loved you that much. You hurt me once but my heart still beats for you, and my heart kept on searching for your touch, kiss and even the way I wanted you to hold my hand and never let me go again. I know this feeling will never last for a fact that you loved her more than me. Even though you loved her more than me. I still care and love you at the same time. You may never be the kind of guy I wish for. but I know someday I'll soon forget you and move on at the same time. but right now I don't know what to think anymore for the reason that I still love you and misses you so much. It has been a kind of joy that you put meaning to my life and took care of me by the time I needed you most.

I hate you for loving me and making me feel this way, you try to sing once at me and that I know i feel special in your heart. but deep inside that song was the kind of guy i know i will fall inlove with. the kind of guy that makes me feel special and tells me how lucky i am find someone like him. but now that you're gone one thing i know is for sure is that I miss you.

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