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My First Love


12 Oct, 2016 05:18 AM

I was in 8th grade when I met him. He came to my church for a program( he doesn't go to church) with his friends... We talked to each other after the service had ended :) I did not feel any kind of intimacy towards him.. Then after that day, we usually hang out together with our friends and then we became very good friends.

He told me about a friend of mine whom he has been admiring ^^ then I used to tease him after that. In the course of me teasing him, the most unexpected thing happened and Yes, I was in love with him because I started to get jealous over that grl????

And... Then I stopped teasing him, I didn't hang out with them after that. After some weeks, he came to my church again, this time on his own. Then I smiled at him and went home. After that, he would attend service in my church every Sunday...

One day, he finally came up to me and told me that he is in love with me. That was the happiest moment in my life ?

he asked me out and we were in a relationship. His life changed ever since he met me. He stopped drinking, fighting in fact he started to teach the little children in Sunday school : ) everything was doing great and we were so in love.... But everyone soon came to know about us , the church leaders, my neighbours, friends and finally my parents.

My dad got so angry, he beat me, and he seized my phone but we never broke up •?•

My guy got me a cellphone which i used hidingly . My dad stopped me from going to church too ... I stopped meeting him and it was a very hard time. One early morning I went out jogging and met him but my dad who followed me ,saw us . His rage knew no bounds.. he beat us together but that didn't stop our love.

After that, we acted like we broke up ... Daddy always asks my friends about us ????
Then everything went on smoothly and dad forgot about it. Now I'm doing my bachelors degree and he is doing his engineer training. We both love each other endlessly?

It's been 5 years now and our parents are also fine with our relationship ^^

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khaya says:
26 Nov, 2016 06:51 AM

this is a good story

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Mzo'e says:
03 Dec, 2016 01:00 PM

Wow what a sad story mannnn

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Bimla says:
05 Jan, 2017 09:43 AM

this story show what is love mean and i wish i cloud have like this lover.

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