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07 Sep, 2010 10:46 PM

There is nothing in this story about a life full of abuse, a cheating lover, or a biography of an outcast. It's just the ramblings of a normal teenager who got to caught up in lies and gossip.

It all started when a friend I'll call "Narcissus" decides to ask my friend "Sati" what she truthfully thinks of him. Now Sati plays D&D with me and she was in a group that I was running with him. I had to agree with her when she thought he was a "Rule Nazi" as we like to call people who argue about every little rule. We get into a heated debate and are now very cross with each other. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except his is joining a group I play with that I use to think differently of.

The first time I played with this said group I use to think there was a bit to much sexual content, I've grown use to it cause silly hormonal teenagers will always be silly hormonal teenagers. But back then I was very uncomfortable with it and I had told this to Narcissus, Sati, and "Gwain". I think back on it now and I realize it was foolish of me to think so, but now my main worry is he'll tell my two buddies in the group what I said and about what I said about Lucas.

Lucas is just generally obnoxious to me. I talk about going to a strip club and he says, "I don't like going to strip clubs cause women aren't objects." About a month later he decides he wants to show us all an adult video. A week after that he's showing everybody pictures of naked girls and talking about his many so called lesbian friends. I refrained from talking bad about him until he decides to talk about how the world needs prettier girls and less over weight ugly chicks. As one of the slightly over weight ugly chicks I felt offended. So who do I tell? Narcissus, Sati, and Gwain.

I don't want Narcissus to tell everyone what I said because just like most people I don't want to be hated by my friends. Especially a guy in my group call "Andrew". Because sadly I have fallen for Andrew. I can't let things end like this because as soon as one lie revealed at least 5 more from my gossiping ways will appear. Because my worst lie of all was telling Andrew that the woman he loves doesn't love him back...

I know this isn't sad to most people, but to people who get caught up in one lie after another this might be sad. I don't know, I just needed a place to talk and this was the best place. I doubt I've learned my lesson and tomorrow's game session will probably end with a lot of screaming, anger, and me having to call my parent's at 12 o'clock at night to pick me up cause the man I love will know I can't be trusted.

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