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I Gave You All Of Me


27 May, 2016 07:43 PM

Once there was a little girl. She had hair that shone; sparkling blue eyes and a heart full of love for her to eventually give away. This girl had her first crush when she started primary school (elementary school) on a boy called Henry he was small but she didn't care. You'd think they are perfect...think again. Henry had a crush on someone else however, the little girl didn't know this. She told the boy and he said "I don't like you back I love *****." The girl went home crying. She was embarrassed,broken hearted and she thought to herself it's okay I'm only young I've got loads of time ahead of me. The little girl started to get bullied by her ex-bestfriend and some other girls. Then, the unexpected happened when she needed it most, a boy called Finley in her class said that he loved her she instantly fell in 'love'.

2 years later the girl started high school and she still was going out with Finley that asked her out. However, the girl started to fall out of 'love'. As she met new people and made new friends. Finley also did the same. Long story short, they split up. The girl started to like a boy called Jamie. Jamie looked identical to the girl. But, yet again Jamie didn't love her back. The girl started going out with a boy called Leo just because she wanted to feel loved again. That ended after a week. The girl then started to speak to a boy called Leo they started to go out because they instantly fell in 'love'. They broke up after an on and off relationship. Leo claimed he cheated on her. He lied. He never did. So the girl was back to the crying game.

The girl became bestfriends with a boy called Lewis. She started to like Lewis. The girl liked Lewis from end of Year 7 to beginning of Year 8. However, Lewis started going out with another girl. She had to give up on that one too. The girl went home crying wishing she could have someone to take her seriously and love her. She decided to stop loving for a long time and it worked. Until, she had a party. The girl and her bestfriend went the party looking on fleek. A boy from the girls class was there his name is Oliver. He dark brown thick hair; big brown eyes and he was very shy, probably why she didn't notice he was there. She said hello to him thinking that they'd have a general chat however, they ended up dancing from the start of the party to the end of it. The girl hugged Oliver goodbye taking in the smell of deodorant. The girl started to get butterflies watching him walk away from her. She then knew she loved him.

Back at school and her and Oliver were talking all the time having a laugh all the time. She told her best friend that she liked Oliver. Her bestfriend was overjoyed and said that she wanted to get the girl and Oliver together.The girls best friend started to act weird. The girl stopped talking to Oliver as the girl realised that she was getting a bit attached. Her best friend started to hang around with Oliver a bit too much, the girl fell she was loosing who she loved again. Hanging out turned to flirting. The girl was confused because Oliver was still looking at her in lessons and giving signs that he liked her. Oliver found out and his friends wouldn't leave the girl alone. The girl started crying every night. She felt worthless. She felt like she wasn't good enough for anyone. Her bestfriend carried on so the girl distanced herself from Oliver and her best friend used to say to Oliver that the girl was obsessed with him. The girl had to stop loving. She finally gave up. She had hopeless crushes after that, it was just because she wanted to feel actually loved.

Year 9! Finally came. New beginning. Fresh start. She still was very very close with Lewis her best friend that the girl liked in year 7. Anyway, the girl had new lessons no Oliver. She was finally happier. You'd think that this would be it now. Ha. No. Think again. A couple of boys saying they loved the girl when they only wanted her for one thing and she wasn't giving it to them. Then the boy came into her lesson. She and the boy flirted all the time. Teasing eachother all the time; getting in trouble; talking all the time and just becoming close. The boys friends kept pushing the boy into the girl. The girl knew she couldn't fall in love again. But, she was sure this time. The girl got a new group of friends. They all seemed to have broken hearts too. The girl started to fall in love again. "Great" she thought. 2 months went past. And Lewis asked the boy if he liked the girl. The boy said "No, I thought you liked her." Lewis said no. The boy couldn't stop looking at the girl. The girl couldn't stop looking at the boy. The boy kept asking questions. Finally, he asked one of the girls friends if the girl liked him. After a lot of talking through people the boy had to talk to her himself. He took her aside and finally confessed his 'love' to her and she confessed her love to. The boy knew what she'd been through as he was knew everything. He promised he wouldn't hurt her and never cheat and mess her about. They started going out for about 2 weeks they were the cutest. Always together, talking 24/7 until and cheeky touching and whatever else until the boy started to ignore the girl. She started crying again realising that he didn't love her anymore. At this point she was so used to it. She tried to find him at school but never had the guts to say it's over even as much as she still loved him.

The girl had her bestfriend round so in the morning she checked her phone and put a song on whilst looking through her phone.The boy text the girl telling her that he didn't feel the same anymore. The girl couldn't take anymore. She stopped the tears as she knew that this was coming anyway but its hard to except.

When the girl went back to school everyone would ask. The girl saw him and turned to her friend and broke down. This was to much nothing else could get worse.

2 months later, her bestfriend took her aside. And told her the unexpected. The girl found out that the boy cheated on her a day before the boy dumped her. Excuses were made. Nothing will ever fix this girl. Everytime she starts having a feeling for someone it always gets crushed. She doesn't know what to do.

A few months later the girl is recovering really bad. The boy is now staring and looking at her again. Even though he's had a lot of girls since everything had happened.She doesn't want to but somewhere deep down still loves the boy that hurt her so bad.

She now listens to love songs and just makes herself look as good as she can get, She's very insecure about herself. She can't do her lessons properly if they mention anything about love.

I always promise things will get better. Her friends bribe her that there is the right one out there for her. They try their hardest to make her feel wanted and good about herself but this won't fix her broken heart. So take a hint from this story and do not trust or believe everything someone says because they might just be that thick to be an ars. But do remember there is someone for everyone and not ALL boys are idiots even though you might feel like they all are. "I Promise" ias just two words that mean nothing so don't take them to heart.

No one keeps promises

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Mika says:
06 Jul, 2016 04:23 AM

It made me cry ;(

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Kai says:
06 Jul, 2016 06:44 PM

Sad story, made me pissed at those guys.... Sorta wanna hug the narrator and tell her(?) I'm sorry
Ps I'm a guy and if I 'loved' someone if tell them right away. That strategy doesn't always work tho lol

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Air misseles says:
08 Jul, 2016 09:13 PM

You really think all boys are idiots, thats just messed up. Im a boy and Im heading towards a 6 month relationship and everything Is going well, no fighting at all.

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Rayna says:
28 Jul, 2016 04:27 AM

You're right, my friend. No one does keep promises and you could never really trust any words coming out of a guy's mouth. It might just break your heart into a million pieces again.

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holla selena says:
31 Jul, 2016 06:56 PM

it's real a sad story wtf u me cry :/

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Roberto says:
04 Oct, 2016 08:55 AM

U should of at least left her whit someone u left here broken/single

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Unknown says:
29 Oct, 2016 03:47 PM

If You dont fight in a relationship she doesnt love u

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Shippers don't fall back says:
19 Dec, 2016 11:04 PM

You will find that one right person ouT there, don't worr. Being single is glorious;)
My heart aches for you . Does anyone else feel Me? I am hopelessly desperate plz help me

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elda.t says:
20 Dec, 2016 08:27 PM

No wonder I don't date, this story is backing up my choice. going to grade 9, 2017 hopefully nothing is being prepared for me, even if it does, I'm a good avoider.

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Shdiamond chaney says:
03 Mar, 2017 07:51 PM

Sorry something is wrong with your sistution

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