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10 May, 2016 04:42 PM

My name is Marcie Leanna Hopes.I was born June 8th 1999.I was born in a small town name Marthville i have no but one sibling a sister but she died about 3 years ago from a birth defect . im Thirteen years old. when she died. But lets get to my story.

When my mother had me she was only fifteen years old. As she grow up her life became even badder she was on drug.
she didn't really treat me as if i wasn't one she gaved birth to. every man she get she put before. She never really told me she loved me but when i was younger. she always blame me as the the fought for her not going to collage. She said before i came that she made straight A's. She called me all types of names you shouldn't here a mother calling her daughter. when i was younger she was the best mother ever she said she loved me plenty of time. She kisses me as if she never want anything to happen to me.

then she found her a man to help her out with me not long from then they kicked it off. We had fun as a family. Then that when that one day came i saw my mother at the kitchen table and she was doing something i never saw her do before. She had a white pill breaking it down and she took a straw and she started to sniff if as i look i didn't understand i guess i was to young to understand. she started to get crazy and crazier over it each and every day. Then i started to see lots and lots of people come and go from getting things like that from my step dad as i use to call my mothers boyfriend. then soon we was expecting another member of my family.......... It was my baby sister. When my mom was pregnant with her she did lots and lots of drugs.

Well sadly the baby did not make it. When she came out she had a birth defect. She was on breathing tubes and medicine. She stayed in the hospital. And my mother woke up in the middle of the yelling because the baby had stop breathing tell my step dad but it not like he really care. So one night in the hospital the baby died sadly to say. After that my mother just stop really caring as if she ever did. she started doing more then just the pills. she one night her and my step dad got into a big argument and he left. without hesitation my mom set in he room and started crying. I peep from the corner of my room. she said i hate you and she put on her clothes and she walked out of the house leaving me by myself.

she didn't come back for three whole days and the neighbors soon relized noise and came for me and the cops came and took me away and i went to a new home with a mother by the name of Kristena and the father name of Andrew thomas they were married and i had a sister name Abby she was five years old and she look up to me as a big sister and i try to keep my pass behind me and ignore the people who brings it up.
( and that's the Marcie Leanna hopes story.)

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Rayna says:
28 Jul, 2016 05:11 AM

That's right. Leave the stains of the past behind, because you can't go on with your life if you keep living them. Be very grateful that all the things you went through gave you a happier ending.

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noria says:
14 Dec, 2016 06:02 PM

thank you

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