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Little Sisters Story Counts Too!!!!!


20 Jul, 2015 09:17 PM

hi my name is chelsey and I have a lil foster sister and this is her story!!! keep in mind she just turned 14 july 1st..

her name is alexa Ramirez. she is the most beautiful girl ive ever seen. When she was 11 years old she found out her mother was a pill addict, she would always leave alexa to watch her 3 brothers, and she would always abuse her while on the comedown of meth. one day alexa came home from school, the boys didn't seem to notice but nobody was home, but alexa noticed right away. she walked to the kitchen and saw a note that said use alarm with her moms on working phone by the note. alexa thought her mom would be gone for 2 to 3 days, but her mom was gone for 3 to 4 months, she became a mom to 3 kids by the age of 11.

Alexa usualy had 1 hour before her brothers came home so she would gather up her birthday money and grab her moms food stamps card and go buy house needs for her brothers and her. She would dress them feed them and send them to school, then throw her hair up and walk to school.

One day while the boys were eating there mother stumbled through the door went to the twin bed and passed out, alexa hurried and fed the boys then went to her mom screaming and crying asking her what happened, and all her mom could say was meth. right then and there her mom seized in her arms. alexa called the ambulance and her mom was teken to the hospital where they then found out she was 4 months pregnant. She was in a coma for 1 1/2 months, where alexa stayed by her side everyday and her siblings were forced to live with there dad, alexa went to school one day, just to clear her locker and a girl was being mean so she fought her, she was so mad and angry at herself she took it out on this girl, she was then expelled from school. her mom came out of a coma and was then arrested. alexa went to live with her grandma and realized her grandma was acting weird, but she didn't understand how yet, she then found out she was a meth addict.

she tried to stay away from home, but all it took was one night she came home from school and asked her why she bought meth instead of food and her grandma pushed her down the stairs, and she went to school and wore long sleeves and said she fell. one night she came home to her mom sitting on her bed and alexa just cried. her mom then lived with her grandma and her and her 3 brothers all lived there until her mom had her sister and then her mom got back into drugs then they all got kicked out, all of them homeless, they then went to a homeless shelter in twin falls.

she then lived with her aunt, but that wasn't what she thought it would be, her mom was always drunk or high and if she wasn't she was beating alexa. and one night she told alexa to pack her bags that they were going to wendel to live with her step dad and alexa said she didn't want to go so her mom slapped her and told her if she killed herself she wouldn't care, that was the first night she commited suicide.

one night alexa was crying over a friends death and her mom told her to get over it and when she didn't stop crying her mom beat her.

one night they all went to akexas cousins house and her mom was on the comedown of meth so she told alexa to take her sister and leave the room alexa went into the other room and then went back to grab her baby sisters jumper and her mom started punching her in the side and in her face, she was being choked out when she barely hit the dial button on her phone then the cops came and she was taken to safehouse, she was there for 6 months, now she is in a foster home and still thinks her mom is using, but she still wakes up with a smile on her face everyday and acts like everything is fine, and sometimes she has enough and cuts, but she is still working on it.

yet she is still my sister and she may be my foster sister but I will tell anybody who walks through my life shes blood... BTW it sounds like im in the foster home with her, im not im still in safehouse and ive been there for 3 months, but am working on getting into the same home as alexa.....

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Dicon says:
23 Aug, 2015 03:54 PM

its so sorrow full dude or many...... i cant say

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chelsey says:
08 Sep, 2015 08:47 PM


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