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Noah drowning


22 Jun, 2015 08:57 PM

These events happened when I was 15 and 16 so some events aren't as detailed as I would have liked them to be but I've tried to recall the events as best I could , thank you for taking the time to read this I truly appreciate it , even if you don't it feels better already writing it down.

At the start of March 2013 my mum got a phone call from the army base , that means either two things . One my dad had died or two was seriously injured and was being sent back.He was stationed in Iraq and had served in the army for 15 years. So he was head commander in ground combat.Well it wasn't good news it was basically both of the two options. He had been shot four times by an enemy group on ground and was in critical condition , and was getting air flown all the way back to the UK. It was a miracle he was even able to hold on for the full 6 hours on the flight but during that he luckily had a full medical staff keeping him stable. As soon as he had touched down in base he went straight to operation. Which gave me , my mum and my parents friend Kyle, to drive down to the base. We got a special drive down by police and army officials to get their quicker and when we arrived we waited two hours to see him.

Side story. This is pretty important so before I move on, my dad and mum thought I was a boy in the womb because my idiot of a doctor thought I had a penis and well I'm pretty much 100% female , anyway my dad was super excited. So on that day he went home and painted my nursary baby blue . He was quite an artist so he decided to hand draw boats and sea animals , basically anything to do with the sea and because my dad loved the sea and was hoping one day I would do too, (and with my mums agreement) they had planned to call me Noah as a boy. So he wrote my name in the middle of the wall in massive font to show his proudness. Anyway he had plans for my future before I could even breath for myself he called me Noah so I could be king of the sea and join him in going down his whole army path except he wanted me to be in the navy, as that is what his father done and what he had always wanted to do .(I don't know why he didn't though ?), anyway shock to their life I didn't have a penis when I came out, and they knew they had fucked up. So for the first two years of my life they decided to dress me in the mountains of boy clothes they had unfortunately purchased before hand , and my dad even called me Noah secretly for the duration of his life. Money was tight so my mum unfortunately went along with this and just dressed me in the boy clothes until to her satisfaction I outgrew them and she was able to afford and dress me like she had always wanted too in dresses .

He had sadly died a few hours after the operation , he was awake for ten minutes after wards and had time to briefly say goodbye to my mum , me and Kyle . His mum came when he was in a coma, but to sum it up he told us he loved us and that Kyle was to look after my mum and I and that me "Alison .. No Noah , you are the best thing that happened to me and you are my infinite and I can't wait for you to live yours ", it broke my heart as you can imagine and he slipped into his coma , he was in it for an hour and had heart failure and then stopped breathing . I would like to say his death was peaceful , I mean he had his family by his side but he was only 38 and he was my dad . The only person in the whole world who I loved so deeply. You could see it in my eyes. We always had had a close bond , even my mum got annoyed at me for liking my dad more than her , of course I never said this but she knew, he taught me how to ride a bike and even how to read and write before i went to school. He also had taught me to play piano, and unfortunately his dream of me being in the navy failed , as I was never able to swim. It took to much time and my dad was away at months at a time so wasn't able to do it himself . My mum tried but has a phobia of water so failed and therefore couldn't teach me. We were tight on money but my parents were willing to pay for classes but eventually I lost interest and as I got older , I didn't care as it was never hot enough to swim anyway . This unfortunately was one of my biggest mistakes.

From March all the way up until my summer break in July I was miserable. I completely cut myself off from my friends and family and locked my self away in my room all day, I felt like most times I was just a walking corps who would just cry when alone constantly. It got so bad in school , i was placed in a different room away from my friends because I didn't want to see them. I don't know why, i was just so angry and sad all the time and I would constantly snap at everyone , it also got to the point where Kyle ( mum and dads friend ) moved in with my mum to help her cope. I caused her a lot of pain and I'm regretful for that, but at the time I didn't care. The only person I ever clicked with was my dad and he had been killed. I got conselling at school eventually for my erratic behaviour but it didn't help as eventually I had to deal with my suicidal thoughts.
It got too much for my mum , so she and Kyle made the plan to sell our house in the UK, and move all the way to Ohio in America. Which was just a few hours away from Kyles parents . My mum managed to get a new job and Kyle was able to get transferred to their for his works neighbouring business, which was luckily just an hour away from our new house . We moved in late July, and at first I was furious that we would be leaving my house, it was the only thing that reminded me of home with my dad, but it meant getting away from everyone ,with a fresh start and I was okay with that.

We arrived early morning. I unpacked and spent the rest of the day in my room. My mum and Kyle left me alone and in the last few months I could tell that there was something between them going on, they would sneak glances at each other , that I would only see between couples who were in love and I wasn't stupid, I knew they were in a secret relationship . It didn't anger me but I guess they thought it might have had so they both kept it a secret from me.

I had known Kyle since I was six . He had served in the army with my dad but decided to leave after 7 years of commission as he started to have PTSD . He thankfully recovered after years of therapy and is doing okay now, he is a lovely guy and when my dad was away my mum and i would make the spare bedroom just for him and my mum and dad would tell him to stay and help out as we knew Kyle enjoyed it ,he loved us ,it was like he was my second dad . Eventually Kyle lived with us until he meet Kate for a few years but they broke up ,and he was back again between staying with us and back at his small flat . Until after the accident when it became a permenant stay. My mum never cheated on him with my dad they only started to go out months after he died which I didn't really care about my mum was sad and this was the only thing giving her joy. I know it was fast but I guess my mum was just numb with pain and this was her way of coping. I tried to keep out off it as much as I could have .

Later that day in my room it was bad, I had really bad thoughts they were really intense and worse than ever before. I was shaking and breathing hard but I didn't say anything because my new neighbours had arrived and I could hear them down stairs at least a dozen of them, all eating and drinking . I splashed my face with water and decided to go for it I was going to kill myself. I know it's selfish but any one with depression can tell you this won't stop them.

I grabbed my bag put a cinder block from the garden in it and I went back up and got a rope and hastily wrote a piece of crap suicide note and left under my book(which I later ripped and binned), I had seen a bridge when we were on our way to our new house it caught my eye , the road was dead and the water was deep and i couldn't swim so why not. I had planned on tying something heavy to my foot and throwing myself in the water to drown , clean and simple.
I went downstairs and tried to get pass everyone without them noticing, which was easy the kitchen was at the opposite side of the house and I was going for the front door.

As I opened it a boy was standing his hand on the door bell, I was annoyed and so nervous so I was sweating and shaking, I had just wanted to get out and die. I wanted to make it quick and he was slowing me down.

I asked what he had wanted, he said his mom was in my house and he wanted to give her his keys to his house as he lived across from me and wanted to lock the doors to go to bed . I told him to go in and look for her which he did, but he didn't go to the kitchen at first he just looked at me and asked me if I was okay .I said I was fine and he said
" Well I guess I'm your neighbour i'm Noah it's nice to me-"

Now I know what your thinking ,at the time and still to this day I thought what a cliche coincidence. Anyway I am not someone who believes in Angels and signs from God but when you are at your lowest in life and there is such a sign as a boy turning up called Noah! I mean come on I was about to kill myself I completely shut off, my mind was spinning and I was sure I was about to cry but I couldn't not in front of anyone.He touched my shoulder to shake me and asked if I wanted to sit down I said no. I introduced him and said I was Alison . He told me not to move and ran to the kitchen ,he shouted bye to everyone and returned to the entry room again. He told me to follow him as he had to show me something . Now I know what your thinking never follow a stranger , but in my defence he was around my age really young only 15 or 16 anyway I thought what could I lose?So I followed Noah ,he talked a lot which I liked as I didn't need to come up with small talk and was extremely attractive if I could say so myself , he was kind and welcoming. Talking to me as if he had known me for years . We walked through a clearing in my garden and then followed down a dirt path through the forest that was surrounding mine and everyone's garden in the neighbourhood . We walked for about ten more minutes and then abruptly stopped , we stood at cliff edge and then he started to lower himself down, I jumped out off my skin completely shocked shouting at him to stop. what was he doing anyway ? He hadn't died though . He told me to lower myself and said he would help me down , he did and I dropped down to see a large dirt cliff which was hidden at the top as if it had a dirt roof kind of like a cave. He had clearly spent a lot of time there and you could tell. There were dozens of food wrappers and juice bottles. He then continued to pull back a waterproof cover probably the size to a car on the ground , to reveal what was probably just a wooden crate with pillows on top as a chair. He went to a tree at the far side and started thumbling with a switch and to my surprise it light up with lights. he had placed fairy lights all around the trees. We sat down and he asked me about myself . I didn't tell him much just said Kyle was my step dad nothing else. I knew it would have been a confusing and long story to go through and it was too soon for me, I also don't tell strangers my life story of the bat. Anyway at this point I was glad I had left my bag at home. It was then it started to rain so we headed back , as we were walking I tried to sneak glances at Noah without him noticing, and in that moment and to this day I am thankful for him as he had saved my life and he probably didn't even know it. I don't know if it was at Noah's little secret cave or when he was at my door but something inside me sparked and I didn't know it then but I had fallen in love with him.

This is when the story gets a little disturbing. So I'm sorry for the following part but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and I know it's long but I'll try to keep it as short as I can.

I had a month left of summer and during that month I spent every day with Noah I became good friends with him and his family he had a young baby brother and a younger sister . he had also talked about his friends a lot over the course of the month but only decided to let me meet them the day before I started at his high school ,which I thought was a bit strange but I didn't question him.

We walked down the park to meet them ,he was nervous I asked him if he was okay he said he was fine , which I knew meant he wasn't but I didn't press at the situation i just let silence fill up between us so he wasn't uncormfortable. We arrived at a football field and in the middle sat a group of teenagers . Which I assumed were his friends we were going to meet. When we approached they all jumped up and hugged Noah . I then got introduced to his friends ( Eva , Niamh , Aria , Edward , dale , and max) they all seemed pleased, After a while of getting to know names and faces the boys went to play football. Which although very stereotypical and I'm sorry to all the girls who play American football , I would have joined in but at the time I really wasn't up for everyone looking at me so we just watched. I bonded quite a bit with Aria and then she shouted over to the boys telleing them we were going to go to her house to hang out and that they should meet us after the game. At that point Noah looked over at me to try and catch my eye and when I did he nodded to see if I was okay with the idea , I was, so I happily smiled and he smiled back goofily and got back to the game.

We went in Arias bedroom , which was beautiful and filled with cheerleading posters and trophies, and also off pictures of the group on her walls. A lot of them showed Noah looking a lot younger and bonnier, which made me laugh. Her parents greeted us at the door which was nice and gave us snack to bring up . We all sat down on her bed so Aria could show me( along with the rest of the girls ), their year book . So I could get a hang of the names , after about twenty minutes worth of stories they had about the times they toilet rolled the prom hall before everyone arrived . Or about who dated who, then Eva out of no where asked if I was dating Noah. I blushed and quickly said no, because we just meet and we're only friends . I then explained that I moved into a house across from him. They then picked back up on the conversation about pranks and again out of nowhere ,one of the other girls explained it was weird they hadn't seen Noah all summer except for today , they told me he has been suspended from the last week of school . I asked why. Basically the story was Noah had beaten up a senior boy for picking on a girl and it had gotten pretty ugly ,but after the fight he stormed out of school and hadn't texted or talked to any of them until today .
I got settled in school the next day and bonded with the group. I got close with aria and my relationship got stronger with Noah. Later that night Noah was in my room and he noticed a photo of my dad ,so I told Noah about him and how he died and it finally had felt good to talk. He seemed interested and laughed hysterically when I told him about the Noah story about me being a boy in the womb.

5 months later it had hit winter break .Noah had talked about how it was a tradition for him and his friends to go and stay at his lake house for a week on winter break ,and it was already sorted with all our parent .Noah would drive his truck with myself , aria and Max while Eva would drive with Edward ,dale and Niamh. We left early morning and got there around lunch time , there were five rooms so we bunked up. I went with Noah since the other paired up with their boyfriends or girlfriends , I always thought it was pretty weird that all of them dated each other , well apart from Noah. Noah had never had a girlfriend and when I asked why, he just shrugged it aside saying he was to personal , which I understood Noah never really wanted anyone to touch him or stand close to him. I guess it was just a space issue with him. Anyway when we got in our rooms to un pack ,he continued this conversation and said that there was never anyone he liked in that way . So on that note we all went outside on the ice lake to mess around and have fun. we spent a few days doing different things. Skiing was everyone's favourite. Then there was the highlight of the trip which was called Noah's lake house tradition. Which meant one person every year had to jump in the lake in their underwear or if they were brave enough naked (no one went for the second option deliberately ), we choose by spinning a bottle and since I was new to the group ,I was elected out of this . I was relived by this as I was to embarrassed to say I couldn't swim. The bottle stopped at Edward and everyone was on the floor laughing which I joined in on just because there laughs were making me laugh ,but it was because in the last three years they had spun the bottle it had landed on Edward. However one of those years his boxer shorts accidentally came off and he was never able to live it down. So he jumped into the lake and we all laughed and continued to goof around doing other things like building a camp fire and watching movies . I had a really great time. At night however Noah and I would have to go out side and sit at the fire to try and block out the noise of sex throughout the house. Which we though was hallarious until the next morning when we couldn't look at them, for obvious reasons. They were all sixteen some were seventeen so don't worry everyone it was legal. I was the youngest and had just turned 16 .Noah was also 16 . I think everyone expected us to hook up but we were friends and to be honest to immature, so we turned the awkward disruption into funny ones by setting pranks around the house for them to wake up upon.( clear film over the toilet seat , hidden things , those kind of pranks. Nothing notorious.)

Every night without fail however I would wake up during the night for the bathroom , I would always notice Noah sleeping on the floor . At first I thought maybe he was to warm for the bed or that he was to uncomfortable. It was a double but we were close friends and didn't mind sharing well I thought but apparently not. I never brought the situation up because I thought it was just Noah having his usual personal space issues.

Anyway on the fourth night I woke up and to my surprise he was still in the bed sleeping . He was squirming and moaning in his sleep so I knew he was having a bad dream . I put my arms on his shoulder to nudge him ,so he would wake up and that's when things took a dramatic turn for the worse.
He jumped up in a complete panic and threw me up against the wall . He was still sleeping though. I knew that because my best friend back in the UK used to sleep walk and Noah had the same glaze look in his eyes. It hurt like hell but I knew he didn't mean it and was somehow alseep. He held my neck hard between his hands and raised me up against the wall so my feet were hanging in the air .I couldn't breath and my eyes were beginning to tear up , I tried to yell at him to wake up but I couldn't speak and even if I tried, Noah was in a complete daze and wouldn't have responded anyway . I was going to reach out for a lamp to hit him but I was so weak and began to hear ringing in my ear. I thought I was going to throw up i was so terrified. I tried to then scratch his hands and kick out at him to wake up ,but then stupidly I thought maybe I was supposed to die so I gave up . At that point I could feel myself falling unconscious and my head felt like It was being squeezed by a vice , suddenly there was a tight pressure everywhere , in my lungs, my chest , my head and even my arms and legs as if they felt heavier. To my relief Noah finally snapped out of his daze. He took one look at what he was doing and immediately let go throwing himself back. He began panting and sobbing, he ran over to me and picked me up. He then payed me flat against the floor and screamed for everyone to wake up. The whole group woke up and in seconds were all running into our room. Everyone was crowding around me . Some were holding my neck and face others were screaming at Noah, demanding him to tell them what happened but Noah was in tears and couldn't speak. So they left him alone and were all trying to help. Funnily enough however, to this day I still don't know what slapping my face and opening my eyes and mouth would have helped me in that situation , but at the time I couldn't even think or talk. The pain had crept in by then and although my lungs had finally filled with air my stomach hurt and I doubled over retching and clutching my throat . I don't know how to explain the feeling to you but it was immensely sore, almost like an intense cramp and the noise was unbearable, along with the light now being on I couldn't stand it , I threw up on the floor next to me and just collapsed. Everyone was in shock then because I vomited bright red blood and no one had any idea what had happened . Noah had left before and had then just came in with a wet rag and ice. At this point everyone was hysterical. Noah had sat down next to me and lifted my head onto his lap while he sobbed he tried to cool me down with the rag. At this point I was being nursed by a bunch of crying hysterical teenagers who thought I was dying, which I had too, but to think back to this now that time has passed , I laugh about it to myself , I mean how ridiculous would it have looked. Dale was looking in his bag to phone the ambulance . (Which then became my second biggest mistake) I managed to pull myself up and While holding onto the wall, I gasped my first words not to phone the ambulance, I knew although I didn't look it that I was fine I just had to recover by going to sleep. I also didn't want to ruin their holiday. My next challenge was coming up for a story to cover up for Noah. I lied that I had slipped going to the bathroom and fell onto the hooped cord which hung at my neck and I couldn't get it off until Noah came in and got me. I also didn't want to worry my parents and ruin my chance of ever leaving the house again, by waking them up at the middle of the night with a phone call saying I was in hospital. Everyone reluctantly agreed, but said that we had to go home right then. Everyone helped me lie back down and then all went to pack there suitcases when they thought I was okay. While Noah franticly packed both our clothes he was still crying, telling me how sorry he was and that he didn't mean it . He went on and on but i just sat with my eyes closed. I knew he was sorry and I wasn't even mad. But this I guess was his way of coping so i let him continue, after quite a long time of me saying it was okay. I had never seen Noah cry and it scared me a lot to see him like that , he looked so destroyed.

I knew I had pulled a muscle or had a minor fracture because I couldn't move my neck. But I didn't say anything. Once everyone had packed they began loading up the two trucks ,while Aria and Noah sat with me on the bed. It was time to go so Noah lifted me up while aria covered me with a blanket and he layed me across the back seats. Aria said she would sit in the back with me and I had my head in her lap, while she was patting my head and neck with ice.
Noah insisted on driving our truck. Max was in the passenger. No one argued about the driving scheme so we all drove off , Edwards car was behind us with the other half of the group.

You're probably thinking this couldn't get any worse but unfortunately for us it did. No one spoke for the whole rest of the car ride home.we were about half an hour away from home and were making our way over one of the many bridges we had in our town. On the way over the bridge , the cars wheels slipped on Ice. Noah shouted as he lost control of the car and it started spinning and skidding uncontrollably. It happened so fasts. I wasn't even able to sit up and get my seat belt on. Luckily everyone else had but I hadn't because I was lying down. Which was one more of my many mistakes. We didn't even have time to brace and our car crashed straight through the barricade and plunged straight into the water. Now I always thought a car crash wouldn't be as much impact if it hit water previously , but now I know that is so untrue . It hit the water like a ton of bricks and because of this I got thrown against the windshield and luckily for me was knocked out. My friends didn't so they had to live with the drowning in the car experience. Which I didn't. So now this is the part of the story that I'm basically just repeating what my friends said had happened as I have no memory of it.Max was able to get his belt off and smashed the window my kicking his foot at it, it apparently took to much time because Aria had passed out and Noah had started to fade in and out. Max grabbed Aria and shook Noah to get him to focus. He couldn't get anyone else so took aria while Noah agreed he was able to get me. Max got aria out in time and Noah was struggling getting me as I had managed to fall at the back of the car . He was then able to finally drag me and get us both out the small window but he started to lose consciousness , as he was dragging me up to the top of the water Dales car had managed to catch up and he jumped in along with Niamh to help Noah and me out, while Eva was phoning the ambulance and helping max and aria . We got out and were both pulled up onto the edge of the shore. The bridge wasn't that high up , there was only about a 16 foot drop , so when the others saw us they lifted me and dragged Noah back up the hill towards the other car to wait and get wrapped up. I should have mentioned sooner that the water was beyond freezing , it was icy and snowing. I got told I stopped breathing when I got to hospital , when we got back to the car everyone was basically blue with cold. Noah , Edward and Aria were drenched in blood and in pain clearly. The others were giving them extra clothes and blankets and were fishing out water for everyone to drink. And I was told everyone had circled around me to make sure I wouldn't stop breathing and also to keep each other warm , by that time it was just a waiting game for the ambulance. Eva had noticed I looked stiff and checked my breathing again, she noticed I had stopped breathing, everyone was panicked and apparently the ambulance took 15 minutes to get there - along with the fire engine and cop cars. In that duration of time everyone was taking turns of doing CPR on me since they were tired , cold and in so much pain. I thanked them when I was told and couldn't believe my luck really , how do you say thank you to your entire group of friends for saving your life? I still can't put it into words to this day but they know.

At hospital I was taking straight into theatre , so was Edward.his leg was badly broken so he had to have pins put in place , he also had a few stitches to his head. Aria was the luckiest of us all and only suffered a concussion and a broken collar bone. Noah had a broken nose , a lot of stictches throughout his face and body and with that had severe whiplash , a broken wrist and rib but he took it all by his stride and everyone survived.
I however had the least luck again and had as I guessed a fracture to my neck and to my throat structure. Which apparently is a thing and is why I threw up blood. I had a punctured lung and several broken ribs and torn ligaments in my arms , but the worse part of it was my skull. It had been fractured and I had to get a operation, due fluid and blood leaking in my head. I was in a medically induced coma for three months and when I woke up, I thankfully wasn't in a lot of pain as mostly my injuries had some what healed. When I woke up I was in a private ward and had an impressive anmount of get well cards , balloons and posters on my wall which my whole year group in school had made. My mum and Kyle were sitting in a chair sleeping and Noah ( who pretended to be my brother to get into the ward) had his head slumped against my bed sleeping.

I know this has been really long so I'll try and skip the boring details basically I had a lot of tests and scans when I woke up. I was moved to a ward and was in recovery. I was lucky I could still walk and do everything I normally could, considering I had a bad head injury. I stayed in for another four weeks after wards and had revived physcio therapy and my friends were able to visit , which was great. My mum and Kyle wouldn't leave my side. I was told they were in the hospital every day after work which im glad they were. But wished they hadn't.

I got back into my routine fairly quickly and was back at school again. I got greeted and everyone seemed nice to see me,I was also even given a shout out at the schools assembly. Which everyone clapped for and the teachers gave a brief speech about the students and how they were proud of our bravery.( which in my part was not bravery)

Once things started to settle down , I knew Noah was being weird so when I finally asked him what happened that night he freaked out, he said he was waiting for the right time to tell me so , taking that as the sign he took me to our spot (the cave). This bit I'm about to say is a little disturbing ,so warning I guess. He sat me down and told me why he freaked out , I'll keep it simple.

His dad used to beat up his mom for years until one day Noah hit him back , so his dad began beating them both up. He was around 12 or 13 when this happened. when he was 14 his dad began to hit his then baby sister and Noah completely flipped ,he said to his dad he could do anything to him but not to touch anyone else. His dad was a drunk and agreed to this . Noah already knew his dad raped his mom. When he told me this it sent shivers down my spine and I was in tears.he then told me because of this he started to rape Noah ,as he was given the choice either him or his baby sister. This went on for a year. His dad would come into Noah's bed when he was sleeping he would then hold down his shoulders , cover his mouth and rape Noah. Noah told me he couldn't fight back or tell anyone because he was too weak, and if he told on his dad he would kill all of them. So Noah started staying late in the school gym and trained hard to be able to fight better. So then one night his dad came in his room, Noah was able to fight him off and knocked him out , he phoned the police and his dad was detained in jail . He didn't say much after that only his dad had been taken to court and sentenced to 15 years . The case was kept private and when his friend asked him why he was in jail he would just say he was a violent drunk. So that's why he had jumped when I held his shoulders, he was in a dream and thought I was his dad. He told me it had happened a lot and that his mom would wake him up and he would accidenelty freak out and hit her . He said that night after the hospital he finally agreed to his moms offer of getting him some help by a therapist. (and is making good progress. ) It was the first time he had told anyone apart from his family and the police. We both sat there all day , I hugged him while he cried and eventually we started telling each other funny and sad stories about each other's life. It was getting dark and we had to head back until Noah turned to me and kissed me. It was probably the best moment of my life.

It neared summer again and my friend Kimberly came over from the UK to be with me. She meet all my friends and we spent some great days together, all of us went to the movies , to the beach ,paint balling , it was a great summer until it neared the end. Noah left to fly over to his grandparents for the summer so I couldn't see him for the rest of the holiday . That's around the time my other friends started leaving to go to Spain or other places around the world. Unfortunately I couldn't go on holiday because we had just moved this time last year and there wasn't much time, but I didn't care much I had Kimberley with me and this was her holiday so I could enjoy it with her.
Later that July I went to the cinema with Kimberley. We had known each other since we were 7 , she moved into my old school and I was her buddy for the week to help her around and help her make friends. That's when we clicked I started talking to her again when I started school in Ohio . After I lost touch when my dad died.

We went to the cinema to see a really crap comedy , when the movie had finished we left to go to my car. It started to rain quite badly so we cut through the alley way to get to my car quicker and thats when it happened. There was a boy called sam he was in our AP biology class and was pushed up against the wall by a man. I ran up and shouted at the man to get off from him, although Sam and I didn't really talk , I wasn't going to let him be beaten up by a guy a few years older than him. I pushed him off and he turned round he was at least 18, he threw me back and I hit the wall. That's when Kimberley ran over to help, the man seen her and I guess he panicked so he pulled out a gun and shot Kimberley twice, when it happened I was completely frozen I couldn't Believe what had just happened and all I could do was let out a cry. I managed to jump up and I ran up too him , I was going to push him back and punch the gun out of his hand and that's when he shot a further four times , I got shot in the shoulder ,below the rib and twice above my groin. To this day it still hasn't healed and it is a constant reminder of what had happened , which I hate. He then turned his gun at Sam who had fallen to the ground after being beat up I guessed and pulled the trigger , I closed my eyes but his gun didn't shoot , it had no more bullets .he swore in rage and then I heard loads of people shouting and a group of people ran from the corner and shouted at the man, saying he was an idiot then they all ran off , obviously his friends. I grabbed my phone crawled over to Kimberly and held her, she was bleeding a lot and her lips had turned blue. I phoned 911 and they came -what felt like an hour later . I thought I was going to die waiting there and I knew that kimberely was dieing , the colour had drained from her face and she no longer had her eyes open. I didn't want to leave her side so I didn't check on Sam. I just slumped my head against Kimberley and just prayed that the ambulance would come.

Kimberley died before she got to the hospital , she had a cardiac arrest due to blood lost and shock. I was beyond breaking point and was in such a bad place emotionally. To keep it short I broke down twice and was in hospital for a month when I got released home Noah and my friends came over, as they weren't allowed to be in my ward. My mum told him he could stay once my friends had left, he agreed and I was relieved , I don't know why, I guess I just felt safer with Noah and I think my mum felt it too ,because both her and Kyle couldn't get through to me. I had a seizure that night , it would happen a lot after the car crash because of the head trauma, and the doctors said it was just something I had to live with (they couldn't treat it.) I guess my seizures peak when I'm stressed. I got counselling every Monday and Thursday after the shooting and was in such a bad place I stayed in bed for weeks. Just waiting for Noah to come home from school, which I was missing a lot of. It was Noah who helped me get out of my funk. I am glad I have Noah in my life and the friends and family I do have. It has been a year since the accident and I'm taking each day as it comes. Im better though I've grieved, I would want to fill in more details about everything to show you how exactly I feel but I can't really express it. After the shooting Kimberley's body got flown back to the UK were they done a massive ceremony Kyle and my mum were both able to fly over to attend , I wish I could go ,but I was in hospital and I guess It would have put me in a worse place. Anyway the story is far to long as it is right now but life is okay. I'm greatful to have Noah and my family and friends, things are getting back to normal and I'm graduating next year, me and Noah and our friends have planned a gap year to travel. I love him so much he is like a part of my old life and my dad and we have been going out for a year now he has helped my recovery deeply and I have got my health back although I suffer from seizures here and there im doing well and so are all my friends . Also so are my family, my mum is getting married to Kyle in 2018 and they have told me stories of them in school it nice to see my mum and Kyle happy I know my dad wanted this . Thank you for reading I hope you won't have anything else tragic happen ,so live life to the fullest and love your family I hope you do well in life and are as lucky as me to have a great support system. If you ever feel like giving up , although it seems impossible life is worth it and live it the way you want to , if that means becoming a author or actor or police office , anything .do it because life can change in a second so don't waste it and don't end it. Be happy !

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Brandon says:
29 Jul, 2015 04:51 AM

Hi, my name is Brandon and I am 16 years old. I just read your story Too Many Tragities and I just have to say I'm sorry for what happened in your life. There was so many downs it was too much. But there was some positives too. Noah, your mom, Kyle, all your friends I'm glad they were placed in your life to help you get through it. You are so strong and I am glad you did not give up on life. I cut. I'm sorry I just had to say this. This year my life was just filled with all this negative stuff that I couldn't take it anymore. I try to look for the bright side in these situations but it doesn't always last you know.
I just wanted to say that your story inspired me not to give up on life. I just need to keep pushing. If you do read this I would love to find out more about your life. Get those details that you didn't put In the story and hopefully inspire me a little more:)
Thank you again, Brandon

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Alyssa says:
29 Jul, 2015 05:01 PM

Omg this is an amazingly inspiring story. Thank you for sharing this????

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araceli monsevais says:
01 Aug, 2015 08:45 AM

I like this story . I love how Noah never left her side ????????

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Okk says:
01 Aug, 2015 06:32 PM

Thank you for the comments I'm really glad you read my story and I really do appreciate it , Brandon I'm so greatful this helped you and please do hold on life does get better, you seem like a low belt person just keep striving !

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kate says:
04 Aug, 2015 04:47 PM

I am really sorry. You have gone through a lot which is so tragic. May God strengthen u the more to fight all that you are feeling. You are strong and I am glad you have such a supportive family and friends. There is surely a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep fighting and living!

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Delilah says:
21 Aug, 2015 02:51 AM

That is the most tragic story I'm so sorry I wish I could help :'(

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Akorfa says:
01 Sep, 2015 11:36 AM

This story has really touched me. You have suffered so much as well as the people around you. We thank God for protecting you and we pray that your future will be much more peaceful. Really touching. You read stuff like these in books and its so hard to imagine that they really happen. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you

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Rocky says:
07 Sep, 2015 10:10 AM

This Story has touched to my hard, you have suffered more problem. Still I'm wishing for the god this year your much more peaceful.
Thank you for sharing this. God bless you ..

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skye dalus says:
09 Dec, 2015 09:32 AM

this story is so sweet maybe happily ever after is real but you have to have trouble getting there first xx

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Daveah says:
04 Jul, 2016 12:32 PM

Hi Aly,,,I ve read your story. t touches my heart alot n has grtly inspired me.I love your dad cos he was a really Soldier and I wanna b posses his bravery n u re a grt person in ur family(dads true icon)recruitment is on September ths yr in our country,rem me in ur prayers for Gods favours,,,I wanna be a true Soldier standing with the vulnerable in our country Kenya,,for you ts no sorry bt Bravo. ,,,,bye Aly n fellw commentators.

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zuzu says:
13 Oct, 2017 10:32 PM

this is the best story ive ever read on here.

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