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Only if I said it Sooner


08 Nov, 2014 07:53 AM

As long as Henry could remember, the first time he laid his eyes on Sally in seventh grade, he instantly fell in love with her. He became good friends with Sally, but he was never able to gather up the courage to express his feelings for her. As high school came along, Henry moved to the other part of town. Henry went to a different high school and he felt the distance between him and Sally growing.

Henry was a tall boy with a lean, muscular build. He had thin black hair and was the class clown. He was likable and easy to get along with. Because he was a class clown, no one really took him seriously. Sally also had black hair. She was not too fat, but also not too skinny either. She had a sweet personality that could make any boy fall for her the instant she talked to them.
As the years flew by, they were now both seniors in high school. They would occasionally talk here and there, but that did not stop the distance between them from increasing. One day Henry decided that he would go and visit her. He asked his friend Thomas to give him a ride to her school. As soon as they got there, Thomas instantly fell in love with Sally as soon as he saw her. The thing is, Thomas did not know how Henry felt about Sally. The three of them hung out and soon went home. Henry noticed that Thomas was acting weird around Sally.

“Why were you acting so weird today?” asked Henry from the passenger seat.
“Oh, it’s nothing.” replied Thomas. “So is your friend single?”
“Why, do you like her?” asked Henry shockingly.
“Yeah, she seems like a nice girl.” Responded Thomas hesitantly.
“Oh…” asserted Henry.

Henry tried not to show how shocked he was to hear that Thomas also liked Sally. His heart slowly sank as he played it off cooly. Thomas and Henry said their goodbyes as Thomas dropped Henry off at home. Henry could not help, but listen to sad songs as he tried to fall asleep. Each and every song that he listened to, he was able to connect to it and notice a deeper meaning in it. He slowly slipped away into sleep as the rain pelted his roof lightly.

The next morning the sky was gray and cloudy. Not a ray of sunlight was to be seen. Henry thought that he should make his move on Sally, so he asked her out on a date to go watch a horror movie. She accepted it, but out of nowhere, Thomas also got into the mix. Since neither Sally nor Henry could drive, Thomas offered to pick the both of them up. Henry’s plan for a date, suddenly turned into a disaster.

After the movie, Sally sat in the passenger seat of the car, while Henry sat all by himself in the back. Henry noticed that Sally and Thomas were deep in a conversation, so he just decided to be quiet. He felt as if he was not even there. Thomas dropped Sally off first. As Sally got into her house, Thomas turned around and asked Henry,
“So how did I do?” asked Thomas.
“You did good…” replied Henry. “I’m proud of you.”
“Man, I was so nervous, but do you think she likes me too?” questioned Thomas.
“I don’t know, it seems like it though.” answered Henry.

Upon returning home, Henry felt depressed. He felt that Sally would never like him no matter what he does. He thought to himself,
“Maybe it’s best if I just give her up to Thomas. Thomas likes her and she seems to like Thomas back as well. As long as she is happy, I’ll be happy as well, even though I’m not going to be the one with her. Maybe I’ll just wait to see if one day, she sees how I truly feel about her. Yeah, that’s the only thing I can do.”

Accepting his loss in this competition, he listened to more sad songs. He felt hurt, depressed, and most of all, stupid. He had waited 5 years to gather up his courage to tell her, but it was too late. His friend likes her and she seemed to like him back. There was nothing that he could do at this point. He just had to accept it.
“If only I had told her how I felt sooner…” he thought.

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ANNA says:
12 Nov, 2014 05:33 AM

That was so sad.Breaks my heart

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Anonymous says:
12 Nov, 2014 03:44 PM

Thanks Anna, this is based off on my love life.

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Nepeta says:
16 Nov, 2014 11:31 PM


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Chetan ratnaparkhe says:
15 Jan, 2015 11:37 PM

this story has give me my love life back

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ForeverAloneGirl says:
27 Sep, 2015 01:53 AM

This is really sad... This is almost like what happened to me.
I've had a crush on a guy since 7th grade, but I was too intimidated to talk to him, so we rarely ever talked. And through the months, I began talking to him more, but never enough to have him consider me his friend. I had told a (girl) friend of mine that I really liked him, and she would encourage me a try to help me out. By the time I was in 8th, my crush was in most of my classes, but we still weren't that good friends. The 8th grade dance was very near, and that's when me friend nervously came to me and told me that my crush had asked her to the dance. She had said yes to him. From that moment on, everything changed. I decided to investigate a little bit, so I went to my crush and asked him if he liked my friend. He said he did like her. That day, I went home like I normally would. But on the inside I was breaking, and I cried myself to sleep at night. I felt betrayed, hurt, and at the same time, I felt numb. After that, my crush was on vacation for a week and didn't come to school. I decided that if his happiness was in my friend, then I would leave them be, because all along, I knew that they both liked each other. I was so numb, that i didn't think about him at all that entire week. When he came back to school the week after, my feelings for him began to return gradually. Over summer break even more feelings returned. My (girl) friend ended up going to a different school, and me and my crush were going to the same one. So over summer break, I was hanging out with my friend when she told me that my crush was kind being a jerk and avoiding her. I took that as a hint of my crush being hurt because him and my friend would see each other, so he was distancing himself from her. I took advantage of that. So now, as a freshman in high school, he is in my Gifted and Talented class, and we talk to each other everyday. But 2 weeks ago, I asked him if he still liked my friend. He said he didn't want to tell me, so I didn't force it on him too much and let him be. And a few days ago, my friend told me that she and Sparsh (my crush's name) talked to each other and are good friends like they were before. I was always jealous of her for having Sparsh's love, and I also hated her for the betrayal, but of course, she didn't know that. So now, I'm a little discouraged and at the verge of giving up on Sparsh I regret not telling him that I love him. It still hurts sometimes...

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ILCDM says:
25 Dec, 2016 08:06 PM

This is so sad , same thing to me but the problem is that I wasn't a friend to my crush but I knew that she was taken cuz her BF was a good friend to me, he even actually told me that he made out with her and that they drank with each other , I was so sad that day , I couldn't sleep

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Dont know what to do says:
12 Mar, 2017 01:59 AM

What do I do if I like this boy but he's too cool and he might not be interested in a geek like me? Should I tell him my feelings or should I send him a note so I won't be too embarassed?

Please help me

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