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Monstrous Angel

16 Aug, 2014 03:38 PM

They hate her. They hate her guts. They hate how she carries herself. They hate how easily for her to get what she wants. She can be anyone. She can easily transform her emotions. She can be too friendly and too mean in a minute. They say she’s so hard to understand. She’s not kind yet a lot of people like her. She’s not that pretty yet a lot of boys admire her. She’s not rich yet she doesn't know anything about household chores. She doesn't have much money yet she keeps eating on the expensive restaurants. She’s not a celebrity yet she’s famous. She’s not a politician, yet she knows most of them. She’s “so girl” yet she can control the PUNKS. She’s strict and perfectionist.

She loves her friends. She loves her family. She’s intimidating. She says what she wants and what’s on her mind regardless of how painful it will be. She’s very opinionated. She’s always direct to the point. If you want an honest opinion, ask her. If you don’t like her please do tell her and she will appreciate it. She hates hypocrites. She hates pretensions. She doesn't have a car yet she always travels. She’s a good leader. She’s intelligent. She’s always on the top since she was young.

They expected her to be wise, to be always right. She’s a scholar. They are always proud of her. She loves to look good. She loves to wear make-up. She wears smile for everyone. She calls everyone as her own aunts and uncles. She’s the daughter of the community. She’s well respected because of her abilities and wise decisions. For them, she can handle everything. When

she’s around, everything will be fine.
Her friends love her, appreciate her yet they’re afraid of her. For them, she doesn't have any emotions. She always decides what is right. They wanted to please her. If you promise her something, you must do it or else she will be very disappointed. She doesn't ask anything. She gives a lot. She’s very generous. She maybe a monster yet they do understand her. She’s always strong, even though they've seen her crying not because she’s weak but because she stands what is right. If she’s angry, she won’t say anything. She always maintains her calmness.

When she’s alone, she’s crying. She cries every tear she holds for every pain. Deep inside she is easy to please. She will be happy for a simple treat. She will be happy for a cup of coffee. She will be happy for simple gifts. There are times that she wants to be alone. She wants to go to a place where everyone knows her name but not her story. She wants to be an ordinary. She wants someone to say no to her ideas. She wants them to like her not because of what she has, but because of what she is. She doesn't want to be treated special. She wants to be human.

They don’t know that behind that strong personality, she’s weak. In every smile is the hidden pain. Despite of having a lot of friends, she’s so alone. And they don’t really understand her. She wants someone will love her, will protect her. She wants someone will hold her hands when everything is not fine. Is it too much to ask? Is it too much to have somebody she can depend on? Somebody that’s strong enough to accept the monster side of her and brave enough to face the world with her.

Yes, she maybe the “Perfect Girl” but deep inside she’s broken.

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Lonerguy10 says:
07 Jun, 2015 03:17 AM

Hi, im a loner too. I just want you to know that i understand how u're feeling. I faced the same things in my life. Many times i just want to be alone, you know to get away from all things. You want someone to love u, to be there for you anytime? Yeah there is someone, his name is Jesus. He will always be there for u even in ur darkest hour.

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Monstrous Angel says:
08 Jun, 2015 06:21 PM

@Lonerguy10: Yes. I know that. Thanks for reading my story and making me feel that I am not alone.

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