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A Diamond Ring

Doll Face

14 Mar, 2013 03:46 PM

I sat by your bed, holding your hand, crying, begging for you to wake up. You've been in a coma for a year now. Everyday I come and visit you. I do the same thing over and over again. I'm so sorry. Its my fault you're here. My fault you're like this. I hope you know I didn't mean to do it. It was just a game. You shouldn't have listened to me, but you always do because you love me so much. I love you too. Please wake up. I miss you. I need you to come back.

Remember before the accident what you asked me? You said it meant that one day I promise I would marry you. I told you that if you win I would answer you. But you didn't win... you got hurt really badly... and now here you are... barley breathing... for a year. They told me to give up on you. That you weren't ever going to wake up. Even if you did you wouldn't remember me. I told them to go away. I don't want them filling my head with lies. My answer is yes, by the way. It always was. It always will be. Please wake up. I miss your warm touch. I miss you kisses, your hugs. I miss your voice, and reassurance. Please wake up. Why did you have to listen to me! You knew I was drunk! You knew to say no! Why did you listen to me!! Why won't you wake up so I can tell you how sorry I am!! Please just wake up...

What? Your eyes are opening up! You're waking up! Wait... you look scared... you snatched your hand away from mine... you screamed really loud... you yelled at me to get away... I tried to talk to you, and come near you, but you just shoved me down. The nurses came running in. They shooed my out. What's going on? Why are you screaming? Everything just got quiet. Should I come in? My ear is pressed to the door, and I still hear nothing. The nurses come out. They step aside, and let me in. Your glaring at me. I know you're mad. Do you remember? You hold out your hand, and I place mine in it. You gently take hold of my fingers and slip the diamond ring off before throwing it out the open window. Why would you do that? What do you mean I wasn't worth the trouble. I thought you loved me? Why are you doing this to me? It's your fault too! I told you not to listen to me before I said any of that! I even told you after I said it! You knew I was drunk! I knew I was drunk! That's why I said not to listen to me! Please stop screaming at me! Your mom came in. She pulled me away from your bed. She told you to calm down. She wiped my tears and kissed my forehead. You don't like that tho, because you screamed at her not to baby me. You got out of bed. Slowly, but you got out. You told me to go away. To never come back. I can't move. Can't you see how much I've missed you. I spent everyday here by your side. Do you even care? No? Why can't you just....

never mind. I'll do what you asked me to do. I'll leave, but I will come back. Just because you don't care anymore doesn't mean I don't. Hey I'm back. You look a lot healthier. Is everything okay? Please stop looking at me like that. I can see you can walk around now. Please stop looking at me like that. I don't want to go away, I want to talk to you. No I won't go! We need to talk! Ow! Ow stop it! Let me go! YOUR HURTING ME!!! D-did you just slap me? Why are your eyes wide? No get away from me! I don't care that your sorry. Let go of my wrist. Don't make me hit you. Please just let me go. What is this? What did you put in my hand? A diamond ring? Of course you meant to throw it out the window a few days ago. If you didn't you wouldn't have. Maybe I don't want this now. No. Don't say you love me. You won't even talk to me. You hi-.... I'm sorry too. I have to go... I don't know if I'll be back tomorrow. Don't wait up.

You held out your hand, and gently took mine slipping on the ring. I don't know if I want it anymore, but when I look at it now I do. I wanna be yours forever, but I can't if you keep treating me like this. I know your sorry babe. I know. I'm sorry too. Please forgive me. I have to go. Please, don't try to make me stay. You know how much I hate hospitals. Please, just let me go. What was that? Is that a gun shooting? Oh my God. Do you hear those screams. They're coming from down the hall. Quick hide in the closet. Just do it! Oh God they're getting closer. Oh God! Please put the gun down. I don't know who your looking for. I don't know any one by that name. No, no one is in the closet. No. Just please put the gun down. It is fine. You don't want to do this. Ah! Stop what are you doing! No stop he is helpless right now. Stop why are you beating him! He can't defend himself you monster! Ow! Stop it!

I- I can't feel anything. Why are you crying. Why can't I move. Wait... ouch... why am I in so much pain? Whats going on? Why are doctors rushing in here? No! Don't let them take me away from you!! Come with me. I love you too! No, don't let go! Why is everything turning black? Where am I going? Its so dark. I'm so scared. Where am I? Everything is becoming clear again. Your on your knees crying. Why are you crying? I tried to touch you, but I couldn't. Why can't I touch you? Why is that doctor shaking his head no? Why is he covered in blood? What's going on? Is that me? No, I'm right here. Wait.. No. No. No no no no no NO NO NO NO!!!! I'm not dead. I'm right here! I'm alive! I'm right here! Look at me!! Hello? Any one? Hold on. What is slipping off my finger? Is that a diamond ring? No! I tried to catch it, but it hit the floor. Pick it up please. Don't cry when you look at it. I said yes. I do want to be with you. Look at me!

Don't do anything stupid, because I can't be there any more. I will always be with you. Did you just nod like you heard me? It's okay. That ring was never suppose to belong with me. Give it to that one special person that you find. Don't forget about me. Please don't cry. I'm right here... I'll always be right here...

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