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I'm Crying Inside...

Cheyenne Stewart

23 Jan, 2013 03:21 PM

Well... Let me make a long first part of this story short... I'm a 15 year old girl that has seen things no other teenager should see... My older siblings are already out on their own in college. About a year or two ago, my mother had been going back and forth to me and my dad and this other man who ruined our family... Many times such as mom and dad getting a divorce, Beating up my dad, fighting over who gets me, having your dad sign you away like your nothing... That was the basics... But back to the first part of my story... So my dad had signed me off to go to Colorado and sure I was excited, but I knew it wasn't going to be the same... The first time we went to Colorado, everyone such as my oldest brother, my older sister, mom, and Curt (the guy) had all begin to fight the first day about a certain something. (Involves a nude pic of mom and losing the phone and someone harassing her.)

Everyone was fighting... I ran and cried out loud in my pillow... I rarely do that... And so did my oldest brother... So Curt declared we going back to Wisconsin. It was a silent 18 hour drive back... I'm just going to fast forward to the second time we go back there... So Curt and mom went ahead of us while us three stayed back in Wisconsin. When we finally got to Colorado and met up with mom and curt we were all happy to see each other... But a few months later gotten worse... I had already started at a new school with a group of close friends. At first it didn't feel right... Like I didn't belong there... but I met this boy during a town fest-type thing and we hung out and he introduced me to a lot of new guys. So I didn't have a lot of girls as friends. So i started to date the boy. His name was Johnny. It was all going well till a week later... he dumped me... I was very hurt... The next day my mom did not wake me up for school she told me, "Well I didn't wanna wake you up after all that had happened to you. I can't believe he did that to you..."

But a few weeks later the whole "Family" was falling apart... My sister left to go to her boyfriends for the night and my brother was drinking... I was making him laugh, we were having such a good time until I went to go take a bath... His computer mouse wasn't working so he was slamming it against the wall... So Curt jumped on top of my brother and stated beating the shit out of him... I was screaming at him to stop and my mom tells me, "Shhh! It's okay Chey! They're just wrestling!" I couldn't believe she said that... I Screamed at her as they were still going at it. "That doesn't look like they're wrestling! CURT!!! STOP!!! PLEASE?!?!" I was screaming and crying. As my brother got up he went to back-hand Curt but he was an inch away from hitting me instead... My brother's face was horrible... He couldn't open his eyes. I run out of my apartment and continue crying on the couch outside. My next door neighbor Chis sees me and gets me in his house. "Are you okay?! I called the police right when I heard a girl screaming. Was that you?" I replied with a yes and tears were streaming down my face like crazy... He was comforting me and giving me some water and a gronola bar.

The cops came and after a little while of my brother yelling at the cops, they took both of them to the hospital. The cops asked,"Cheyenne... Do you feel safe to go home?" I looked at my mom who was standing there glaring at me. "Come on chey let's go back in the house and talk about it." mom said to me as I backed away. I looked at the cop and said, "No... But I can't say that cause she will yell at me and who knows what else..." Mom kept encouraging me to come into the house, so the cop told me to go back home... Curt came back, but my brother had to stay at ARK. And I'm now in Wisconsin with my dad and my uncle. I feel better here than there. What striked me the most I called mom yesterday and she told me she told Cris that I was back in Wisconsin... I feel bad cause Chris had told me," Chey... If you have any problem you can come to me. You know?" Just hearing him say that makes me wanna cry... And even just thinking about it... I'm going back to visit this summer and I'm going to make sure I see Chris! But there's more story behind this story as well... If you wish to hear the rest comment saying so...

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Mia Wallace says:
23 Apr, 2013 12:38 AM

whats the rest of the story??? i want to know

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Kelsey says:
25 Apr, 2013 03:18 PM

Yes, I would love to hear the rest of the story please!

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Cheyenne Stewart says:
26 Apr, 2013 12:57 PM

Well I have some much stuff that happens to me all the time, but I will tell you how this all started... Back in Wisconsin,I had been so happy until my mom told me we were moving to Colorado. Yeah I was excited at first, but I thought it was going to be a new start... Sure enough it was... My mom had dad sign a paper stating that Cheyenne is coming with me. He had no problem signing it, but it made me sad to see him to that to his own daughter... Just the other night my dad, uncle, and brother said,"I guess your right April(mom) we don't know nothing about trying to take care of a 15 year old girl." They had all agreed and sent me back to Colorado... It's my 2nd day back... I'm just waiting on whats going to happen next... Also, In the story Where Curt and Stephen (Brother) Fight and get taken away... Well Curt got all his orders dropped easily but as easily... Right now Stephen is fucked... His attorney would defend him cause she knew it was gonna be useless... So Stephen fired her like a dumb ass... AND HE MISSED COURT FOR 2 DAYS! So he's pretty much screwed...

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Bakari English says:
27 Apr, 2013 05:58 AM

Please ma'am, would you continue the story? It's very good and I'm on the edge of my seat reading it. If you do please reach me by my email please. Thank you ma'am for your time.
Bakari English

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Vuong Nguyen says:
28 Apr, 2013 02:57 AM

Listen, your parents love you and your brother, but the problem is your family is being too competitive loving you. They are trying teach their opponent what's right and wrong. You had the power to fix that problem! Just tell them what's right and what's wrong. ;)

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Jump around says:
30 Apr, 2013 04:20 AM


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Cheyenne Stewart says:
01 May, 2013 12:19 AM

Alright. Well when I said that Curt and Stephen had fought each other... It wasn't just a regular fight... Curt was on top of Stephen punching and slapping him saying, "You gonna cut it out?!" Stephen replied, "No! Hit me!!!" Curt did many times... "CURT!!! STOP IT!!! GET OF OF HIM!!!" I screamed and cried. But Curt wouldn't stop. I went to get a little closer, but Stephen got up and barely missed my face with a backhand... I ran out in the hall way and sat on the hallway couch. I was crying to myself hard. Chris swung his door open and saw me, sitting there shaking. Chris ran over and grabbed me and brought me into his apartment. "Chey! Are you okay?! Did they hit you?!" I said no... Well he asked me all these questions, while being on the phone with the cops. He hung up and said, "It's okay Cheyenne the cops are on the way and their going to stop them." He hugged me and I started to cry, but he wiped my tears away. The cops showed up and got them apart while my brother was screaming at the cops... Dumb-ass... When Curt and Stephen got sent away, the cop had asked me if I felt safe to go home tonight... I just looked at him and was about to say "No", until I saw my mother behind me. My mom says, "Come inside Chey, we can't talk about it." I just stood next to Chris and looked at him. Chris said, "Cheyenne if you want to, you are welcome to stay the night with me. I can give you a pillow and blanket to lay on the couch." I was going to say yes, until mom said this... "NO! She's fine to come home, now that their gone." Mom said. The cop was just standing their and said, "Cheyenne I think you should go home tonight... Talk things out with your mom..." I looked at Chris and was about ready to cry. Chris hugged me and said, "If you need to get away from home you can just knock on the door whenever." I shook my head and started to cry in his arms... So I entered the house and mom said. "Everything will be fine Chey... You just gotta give it time..." I couldn't believe what I heard... II ran out of breath...

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lexi says:
03 May, 2013 03:58 PM

more story please!!

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Empty void says:
07 May, 2013 11:58 PM

Wow I am so sorry that you have to live like this, if you ever get to see chris or his house knock at his door go inside hope for the best. I would also want to here the rest of the story please you are such a great story writer and i know this is true.

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Cheyenne Stewart says:
13 May, 2013 01:24 AM

Thank you Empty and it is hard... My friends always tell me,"Cheyenne... I don't know how you do it. You're an inspiration to me..." I feel great every time i hear that... :')

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