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My soulmate


01 Dec, 2012 01:54 PM

I know you remember that cloudy day, on the muddy rivers edge, tangling and twisting our fingers around each others as we laughed, hugging as we rehearsed our true love vows to one another, and after we thought we had memorized them, we kissed and we pledged our promise to each other... voice heart soul life ...forever... slipping the broken halves of our Dime Store bought heart rings onto each others finger. We kissed and as we put our rings together and made one heart, I felt your sweet lips moving along mine, and in slow motion lip-braille, your lips kissed...*I love you*

I look at the small tarnished ring I have kept all these years, reglueing the half heart back on, and even if it not fit, I still try to put it on.... trying so hard, pushing the ring as far as it can go, knowing you had put it on me that cloudy day, I'm having a bad day of it soul mate, a very crippling bad day.... of missing you so very much, it hurts as much today as it hurt that day that you were taken from me. My hands clasping around it, holding close the ring to my heart, keeping true my vow to you.... wishing your hands were on top of mine now..... no matter how much it hurts not to have you with me every day, it is you who I want to think of everyday to the end of my last dying breathe.

Sometimes I feel it just isn't fair, it just isn't fair, not to have you. As I look around at all I have.. worthless.. meaningless.. except for your ring, and still sketched in it... is your soul print . My love for you has not tarnished, for I never ever love another as I still love you... for you are here forever for me and I am here forever for you. The years have gone and went, and as I grow old, the closer I get to be with you again, I am beginning to be happy now knowing soon, I will not miss you ever again, reuniting.... and to be at peace at your side, and again, we will renew our love for each other, and sit this time, by a golden river that flows under the rainbow... and with our Dime Store bought half heart rings..., again pledging our promises to one another... voice heart soul life ...forever... as we put our rings together and make one heart, forever here with me... and here forever with you.... I love you.

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