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Joanna Baily

23 Nov, 2012 11:36 PM

Its been a year. A whole year since I lost him. He was my everything. His name was John. Our relationship was exactly how I wanted it to be. We started out best friends. And that's all we ever wanted to be. Neither of us ever thought of turning it into more. It was on one Saturday night, we went to a party together, both of us were a little drunk. We were in high school, and one of our friends had the idea to act like little kids again and play spin the bottle. Why not? We had nothing to lose. We sat in a circle of course and took turns. We kept playing and we kept kissing whoever the bottle pointed too. With each guy I kissed, nothing. Not even a hint of a spark. Then, the bottle pointed towards Jon. I leaned in to kiss him. And the second our lips touched, it was like a chill ran through my body. I closed my eyes, and kept kissing him. It was like I couldn't stop. I didn't want to stop. That kiss, it just made me feel right. Like he was it. He was all that mattered. We stopped and I looked at him, he looked back. The game continued but I couldn't get my mind off that one kiss. I glanced at him several times. And I caught him staring at me a few times. After the party, he was going to give me a ride home. We both got in his car, and just sat there. He didn't start driving, we just sat in a parked car. Finally he broke the silence and said, "Your a good kisser Ali." I wasn't sure exactly what to say back, so I just thanked him.. He looked at me and asked, "Can we try it again?" Unexpectedly, my heart started beating faster than normal. I smiled and nodded. We both leaned in and started kissing. It was amazing. I've never experienced a guy kissing as good as him.

We started dating after that night. We dated for a year and half. We were more in love that I had ever thought was possible. It was like a fairy tell. I've never been so happy. But of course, all good things have to end eventually. He met another girl.. He swore to me they were just friends and that I had nothing to worry about. I trusted him. But he started hanging out with her more than he hung out with me. He started cancelling our plans so he could meet with her. It killed me inside. One day, he told me he was sick so he couldn't come over. I decided to surprise him by going to his house and taking care of him. I brought over soup, his favorite movies, and hot chocolate. His mom let me in there house. I walked upstairs. opened his bedroom door, and I saw him and that other girl on his bed making out.. Her shirt was off. Tears immediately started streaming down my face. I didn't say anything. I just ran out. And that was it..

I haven't talked to him once sense then. But I always think about him. I can't get it out of my head. I'm still crushed, even after a year. I have countless questions. But I can't find the will to go talk to him. I just wanna forget it. I want to erase that whole year and a half out of my life.

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Mils says:
19 Feb, 2013 07:57 PM

This guy is a monster, and I know it's hard for you to forget him. But you have to try and move on. I'm sure there's someone better waiting for you.

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hacer says:
20 Feb, 2013 07:26 AM

i hate cheaters...tsk

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Prakash Shreshta says:
21 Feb, 2013 05:42 AM

thats sad...i hate this..this happens with me 2.. but instead of a guy its a girl

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Kimmy says:
12 Mar, 2013 07:40 AM

Hey sweets I'm kimmy I've went thru a terrible break up too and its still hard to move on even now what I'd say is stay strong although its killing you inside go talk to him and get answers for your emty questions then try moving on he might change everyboday deserves a second chance but if they mess it up again then its over every relationship has its cheatings and ups and downs sit down and think about this carefully! Mwah

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Dispensation Desire says:
29 Mar, 2013 01:42 AM

I am agree with Mils but its difficult forget

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