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Name: Prakash Shreshta
Joining Date: 15 Sep, 2012 01:50 AM
About Me: I make my own decisions whatever it long as I won't be stepping on someone....and what matters is that I would be happy to follow and do things I like. If it's a mistake, at least it was on my own..then I shall learn from it. I'm not so much of socializing and entertaining. I prefer quite places and have my freedom. But when I'm with FRIENDS, I could always be smeone who's not really me
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really this happened to my best friend..she tried to Suicide.. that 2 three times
its really sad nowday girls are not safe.. really at night..
really sad
thats sad...i hate this..this happens with me 2.. but instead of a guy its a girl
ah.... my love 2 did that 2 me...


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