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Don't give up !


24 Jun, 2012 01:12 AM

Me, my mum and dad were heading off on a family vacation for my 11th birthday , I was looking forward to the holiday but not the six hour drive there . I remember my mum and dad waking me up at seven to get dressed and eat my breakfast next thing I knew we were in the car . My mum in the passenger seat my dad driving and me in the back seat. A few hours later the rain started to hit on the car and the sun was going down so my dad decided he would speed up just to catch the time back up but I guess you would say that would be the biggest regret of his short lived life.

It was now around 11 o clock and almost pitch black . I jumped as my dad suddenly slammed his foot on the brake my mum and dad now screaming but it all stopped as there was a sudden force going through the car our bodies now thrown off our seats our seat belts piercing through our skin our bones snapping , there was silence and all I could hear was an on going buzz as everything was becoming more clear to me I could hear screaming from every direction cars drifting and police sirens louder than ever. I opened my eyes just to see everything upside down and blood dripping from my face I couldn't move the car now a lot smaller than originally. I could see to the front of me but not very well all I saw was an image I can still see to this day 2 years later, it was my mother and father upside down being stuck to there chair by their seat belts holding hands there face and body covered in blood they were almost unconscious but managing just to hold on. Next thing I knew I was being pulled out by fireman whilst police officers and ambulance doctors were rushing to my rescue. They put a supporter on my neck and hooking wires onto me.Whilst my organs were collapsing I started to fade .....

I remember waking up in hospital 6 months later still on a ventilator and hooked up to 20 different machines. The pain was horrible but turns out the worse of the physical pain was over I still didn't realize the emotional pain was yet to come the doctors and nurses gave me a few days to take everything in and I remember this day as though it was yesterday I was lying down in bed being fed through a tube while a nurse was sitting down on the bed holding my hand , she looked really upset and she began the words she was about to say changed my life forever "your mum and dad were in a lot of pain they begged us to tell you when they were being pulled out of the car that they would love you know matter what , that you have to stay strong and never give up that we are in a better place together, your parents have passed away " that's all it took... It hit me that they were gone but then I replied "I know they were going away from me the man who was in the car with us said he said that it was their time to go " the nurses were puzzled but I don't care what people think , that I'm mad or what ever but my parents told me not to give up and I haven't. I believe in god more than ever , that day has really changed me because now I'm adopted with a great new mum and dad. The best thing is although I cried a lot that god took my parents for a reason and one day I'll join them and we can be a family again.

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Layla says:
02 Dec, 2012 07:25 AM

I'm feel so sorry for what has happened to you :( Losing your parents is a loss that's very deep.

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Gemma says:
07 Dec, 2012 02:42 AM

that was really sad! I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. I will NEVER know how much pain that caused you. Just keep on Believing!!

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Gracious says:
12 Dec, 2012 03:31 PM

Uhuu,i dont know how it sounds to you but thts just asigh,am done,nothing to say only this tears striping down my chick,am sory,DONT GIVE UP!

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mansi says:
24 Jan, 2013 08:12 PM

you survived! u r such a STRONG GIRL i cannot believe it!! all i can say for a unknown person is never give up until your last breath
i admire you please email me i want to know more at please i want to be a fighter like you i want to know what its like to have a loving dad because i never got to have one i only got a dad that hated me and i just want to say to him that i hate him back. please email me
don't give up :D

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