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A Letter for My Love

Phylburt Angeline Fagestorm

27 Feb, 2012 12:23 PM

I tried.. I cried, but this feelings kept chasing my once broken soul. I want to forget you but within my heart it is a foul. For like the game I used to play. I will never let you fall. I can't believe I've felt this. For it's the first time in my life and my body says I need you and even now my heart says you're forever..

Forever buried deep inside until my soul can no longer breath without you
I don't suppose we are gonna make such great endings but even though at times I got tired of loving you..
baby, it is only my body that does..but not my heart,
which I offered you. Not even others can tell or can even see how I fell. I was afraid to love you but I was more afraid to let you go. In the midst of darkness i can see your face and you struck your way in without a trace. You're the healing to my broken soul. Your soul in which I can barely see made me think we beat as one and my soul can't leave without yours neither my heart can do.:(

For it doesn't matter how many objections there are.
for my heart, my body and my mind never objects t love yo even more.

I hope to make it last please tell me I can't let go. Tell me I am not giving up, tell me you love me, please tell me I can't make this a broken vow. Tell me I used to love you differently. Tell me you'll die for me. Tell me to be always there..Call out my Name, and tell me with me you can forever sing. Tell me your unique though you're not the cutest or the smartest. Remind me I never loved you for that reason..I am Weak. I can easily say it's over but please pull me back closer to your heart so I can hear and finally say. I can't live without you... that way, there's no way I can let you be wasted. I can't promise coz promises are meant to be broken. but this I tell you I love you. Until the end of my life, until the day that I finally fell upon my grave. Until the last leaf fall.. I love you, I need you and I am thankful that I have you..

With love,Phlys

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