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A Letter for My Love

Phylburt Angeline Fagestorm

27 Feb, 2012 12:23 PM

I tried.. I cried, but this feelings kept chasing my once broken soul. I want to forget you but within my heart it is a foul. For like the game I used to play. I will never let you fall. I can't believe I've felt this. For it's the first time in my life and my body says I need you and even now my heart says you're forever.. Forever buried deep inside until my soul can no longer breath without you I don't suppose we are gonna make such great endings but even though at times I got tired of loving you.. baby, it is only my body that does..but not my heart, which I offered you. Not even others can tell or can even see how I fell. I was afraid to love you but I was more afraid to let you go. In the midst of darkness... [Read More]

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